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Fashion is much more than just looking good; it is about expressing yourself to others and showing them your individuality. It has always been considered as an important part of our life. It has been on from ancient times and as time went on, trends changed and were recycled. Moreover, fashion is very important as it gives a good impression, it highlights your personality and it creates the picture of class. Fashion styles are dependent on the different cultures, religion and moral beliefs of people. Fashion appeals to both men and women however, women's fashion is given more importance as they tend to attract more people and they are usually launched on a larger scale. Women's fashion incorporates areas such as clothing and accessories, footwear, beauty, hair care, and many more. Beauty especially plays an important role in women's fashion as it is usually necessary to match the latest fashion with the help of the latest beauty trends too.

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Essential Clothing Items in Every Woman's Wardrobe should have

Blazers: A tailored blazer is classic and looks great on all body types. The great part is: you can pair it with anything – jeans, dresses, trousers, skirts, jumpsuits – and everything. You can get blazers in black, beige, red, burgundy and any colour you want. In getting a blazer, make sure it fits well to accentuate your waist and your overall body shape.

Flats: These are one of the most important fashion items that should be in every woman's wardrobe. They are good for days you want to take a break from heels and wedges.

Statement necklace: Every woman should have at least one of these. These would come in handy on days you wear a very simple outfit as they have the ability to glam up an otherwise simple outfit.

Little black dress: It's important for a woman to invest in a great LBD. Remember: finding the right fit is the key to getting this.

Plain white tee-shirt or button-down shirt: There isn't any other fashion item more versatile than this. You can rock this with any outfit and it definitely is a fashion must-have.

A pair of black pants: You can decide to get one in high-waist or low rise; cropped or wide-leg, it all depends on your body type and personal preferences.

A pair of pumps: These are a major must-have. They chic up an outfit and you can experiment with a wide variety of colours.

Denim: If you own just one pair, make sure it's dark-wash. The dark-wash denim is more versatile than others. You can also decide to have more by getting varieties like the cropped jeans, light-wash jeans and others.