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Make it fun. Make it personal. Be your little prince or princess' Santa Claus this Christmas. Children love to have fun – lots of them. For that reason, it is necessary to be in their good books.

For the girl-child, it may be a bit tricky to find the perfect gift that she'd love, except of course you give her an open cheque to shop for anything and everything. What about your prince charming? Well, you should not have any challenge shopping for boys, a police car, water gun or a wristwatch that can perform 'magic' will do.

In case you are in the category of parents who are confused about what to get for their lovies, we have put together a list of gift ideas that we trust will impress your son or daughter this festive period. Searching for cool stuff for kids is a lot easier these days especially when you shop online where all products can be found in one place.

More so, you can see all that you want at a glance, either from your mobile phone or computer. Finding cool musical instruments for kids and less hazardous electronics for kids is easier when you browse online. Out of the many choices there are, find below really cool gift ideas for children.

Children love to strap watches around their wrists whether it is working or not save for the older ones especially the boys. They love watches that are not for 'little kids' especially because they assume they are grownups. As long as it is a fanciful one, children love to adore their wrist with colorful accessories. This festive period avails you the opportunity to shop nice watches for him or her.

Shoes are a necessity for kids except if they already have a lot. Children love to stay comfortable when they play rough with their friends. Apart from the protection of the feet against hurt, shoes also serve as a confidence booster. For instance, boys are likely to react like this when they wear boots: "If I kick you with my boot!" they become so confident in their shoes, especially the durable and high quality ones.

Toys ( flutes, balloons) & games
Whoop! Whoop! Children's best and most favored festive period gifts cut across musical instruments, talking mobile phones, educational but fun toys such as puzzles, police car with remote control, helicopter, game boy for the older ones and many more. This gift category is wide and offers wide options to uncles, aunties, mummies and daddies.

Clothes (shirts, trousers)
"Where is my Christmas Cloth mummy?" Does this sound familiar? Of course, it is expected. His friends have new clothes; he does not intend to be the odd one.

These children love fashion too, maybe more than you do. Don't joke with their Christmas clothes. Get quality non-regular clothes for them if you want to have a peaceful Christmas holiday. Get jackets, jeans trousers, colourful t-shirts maybe with Christmas themes and many more. Ensure to check the sizes for a perfect fit for him or her.

Top it Up with Santa Hat!
Ah ah…Christmas hats will never go out of fashion, at least not in our generation. To complement your child's outfit and put in the mood of the season, it will be great to buy him a Santa hat. They come in different styles. There are ones with tiny bells and some others that come with lights. Depending on the type your child prefers, in all your shopping activity, get him or her Santa hat.

Who says shopping early enough does not pay? Even if you missed the Black Friday Sales or Cyber Monday deals that most people took advantage of, it is best to avoid last minute shopping when you might have to pay more. Shop now for the perfect Christmas gift from the list we have supplied you and be your Child's Santa Claus this season. We wish you a merry Christmas in advance.