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For your drinks, whether it's an occasion or just to be used at home bottles have would always remain important. Water is surely the most important substance that goes into our body. It cannot be ignored, as an average amount should take 4 liters of water every day, can't carry our dispensers or filters and walk around on the road or in our vehicles. To transport good water around instead of drinking from wherever or buying water from where you are not so sure certain about, its better we get these water bottles from trusted sources. On Jumia, you can get bottles of all textures, shapes and sizes that will definitely last you a long time. Visit trusted online marketplace where we offer our customers prices that are convenient. Also, we strive to always make shopping easy for you never to think of shopping elsewhere other than our user friendly website. It is so easy so that you will have no issues while browsing through all sorts of water bottles online on our marketplace. There are glass bottles, plastic bottles for kids and thermo cool bottles that retain the temperature of your drinks or tea and many more here. With all these, our intention is to always keep you smiling every time you shop on Jumia.

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If you like to make cocktails or prepare drinks for people during celebration just for hang out, you can now make drinks for people to take away in their fancy bottles. Find gifts of beautiful bottles you can get from our site with great prices for your parties. You can also take out drinks to store in your homes. We are not leaving out the workers; we also have bottles that keep your tea and coffee hot as you go to work. Our store offers you different colours and types of durable classy looking bottles, for sport men/women. Go on Jumia today and get water bottles for all your liquid storing purposes.