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Enjoy a highly customized game experience on Jumia as either a US Marine or British SAS soldier in Call of Duty's addictive first-shooter game where your strengths in a few areas are just not good enough; land, water, sea or grenade impacts - you are expected to brave them all. Dodge enemy missiles, collaborate with some friends, get called to rescue others, plan unexpected assaults on the enemy, and complete covert missions in Berlin on Battlefield, Assassin's Creed, Far Cry and similar video games on Jumia. Feel an awesome world of video games on Jumia this week as you find yourself persistently breaking traffic rules on the streets of Tokyo and watching out for trucks left and right while trying to keep away from cops on your bumper who would rather die than give up their chase on you and your gang, in NFS Most Wanted on Jumia. Buy a Need for Speed or Ridge Racer Unbounded game for PS3 and PS4 on Jumia now and let your weekend adventure begin right away! Make cool cash selling used PES, FIFA or any other video game of your choice on Jumia. Get your chance to be a hero, power Messi and the rest of the team to victory on a memorable UEFA Champions League night when you buy a football video game on Jumia, or enjoy the action games God of War, Mortal Kombat, Smackdown and many more you can find on Jumia for your XBox.