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Buy quality speakers by Samsung and Bose. Buy an MP3 player for your car and jam to the beat while on the go. Find suitable rechargeable lamps for your home on Jumia. Buy and sell stylish headphones for Apple and Nokia devices and genuine software for your PC, all on Jumia Tanzania. Jumia is the first online store in Tanzania. We now have hundreds of references and the best brands for TVs, sound systems, and all electronics. Looking for an LCD TV or an iPod? Our shop Audio, video and gaming offers a wide range of hi-fi equipment, TV, audio and video brands. For all your digital entertainment, Check out our selection of LCD TV, Plasma screen, and Projectors. To view your favorite movies, choose the best of digital technology with Blu-ray players, an amazing definition for new sensations, always at top prices. With high tech digital equipment, Jumia Tanzania offers promotions on gaming consoles and video games. Sell your old Xbox game and buy a new one on Jumia. You can also fall for a Canon camera or a Nikon camera, to keep your holidays or family memories on paper!

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Audio quality is something a lot of people look out for. Any music in your ears should actually be music to your ears. Jumia allows you to discover a range of audio products that would blow you away. The Beats by Dre and Monster headphones are both very popular and stylish right now and you can have them delivered to your doorstep at the click of a button, right here on Tanzania's number one online marketplace. Are those too bulky? Perhaps you can consider Bluetooth earphones, which has proved to be quite the revolution in modern trends these days, and you can have them plugged in in no time for an affordable price. With brands like Apple, Nokia and Blackberry earphones to work perfectly with your device, you can literally feel the beat come alive. You can also experience the wireless headphones by Sony to keep your music free and flexible. Are you looking to spread the sound and share that audio? Well, sound cannot possibly travel faster than you if it travels with you. So why not get your hands on a pair of portable speakers for you and your friends to bump to while you are on the move? Bose speakers are bound to do the trick. Wireless speakers are also in high demand. While headphones can be plugged into mobile devices and are ideal to use while traveling, these allow for greater convenience within the home. You can now discover incredible value in LG and Samsung home theatre systems (new and used) and enjoy music and movies with the family like never before. Don't forget to plan for those road trips either. You can now purchase the most affordable car mp3 players with a remote control to grant you a superior driving experience. Anything from iPods to car mp3s to headphones to home audio, discover a whole new world of sounds at best prices on Jumia. You'll find the best quality audio merchandise at Jumia, all catering to a diverse range preferences and needs. Check out the variety of headphones and speakers in the audio section of the Jumia place and share your music with your friends. Other products such as gaming equipment are also essential for home entertainment, and Jumia is bound to leave you spoilt for choice with the wide range of games and consoles available for purchase online.

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Television in itself is revolutionary. The invention practically shaped the foundation of visual projection and broadcasting. The evolution of this unique concept bore the range of new age consumer technology including the plasma and HDTV (high definition television). Television display technology also ventured into LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) television and the popular LED (Light Emitting Diodes) television, which is known to use less power and produce less heat than plasma or other LCD TVs. Nonetheless, regardless of whether you are looking for affordable average imagery as best as it can be, or superior video and sound quality in a truly immersive TV user experience, Jumia is the best place to find what exactly you are looking for. Tanzania's number one online marketplace enables users to compare prices and features of a wide range of video products, with brands ranging from Samsung and Sony to LG and Panasonic. But why stop at television? Jumia also offers a range of portable video devices, screens and projectors that would be perfect for any home or office presentations. Discover high image quality and maximum compatibility in a number of different projectors from brands such as Sony and Samsung. All these are availed at the most amazing prices online. Did you just move into your new house and you are looking to buy your electronics at the lowest prices and get them all in one place? Then Jumia is the only option in Tanzania that you need and can get all your needed electronics from. Whether you are in are in Dar es Salaam or Arusha it does not matter because you can get everything you need online and have them delivered to you conveniently. From authentic brands such as Samsung, LG, Philips and more you can get electronics such as LCD, LED and Smart TVs, home theatres, gaming consoles, dry/steam irons, headphones, kitchen appliances and so much more all at the best, lowest and most affordable prices. Shop online and watch them arrive at your doorstep, pay cash on delivery and set up easily. Now, what can be better than that?