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The toaster machine is one of the most common household appliances you can find in every home. It is a small appliance designed to brown bread between one to five minutes depending on how brown you want it to be. Toasters are specifically designed for bread and one of the most common types of toast machine you will find is the pop-up toaster. If you don't have one, it is not too late to order from the number one online mall in Tanzania, Jumia. With toaster machine, you can make breakfast within 10 minutes which doesn't stop you from going to work early. Your kids too can have toast bread as lunch, which is very easy to make. There are different types of toasters and each comes with different functionality and use. We have the pop-up toasters which are very common. The pop-up toasters are majorly used for sliced bread which you place into the machine vertically. After few minutes, once the bread is toasted, the machine turns off and pop the bread out of the slots. Also, we have the toaster oven which has a door wire rack and removable baking pan. To toast bread, you need to place the bread horizontally and once it's toasted, you open the door manually. Conveyor toasters are designed to toast bread in a large amount at once. They are much bigger than the pop-up and toaster oven. They are used in catering industries, diners, cafeterias & more.

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