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Television is the center of every home entertainment system setup. Without it, the home is definitely going to be boring. Several electronic devices like the home theatre, video players, sound systems, and more are connected to it. There are different types of TVs one can choose from which are LCD TVs, LED TVs, Smart TVs, Portable TVs, Plasma TVs, and 3D Tvs. Every entertainment system is definitely incomplete without the TV.

TV Buying Guide

Choosing a suitable TV for your home should be interesting than stressful. With this buying guide, you can get enlightened on those key features you should look out for when choosing the right TV for your home.

Screen Resolution: The resolution of the screen refers to the number of pixels which is measured by the width and height of the system. It is highly important to note that the higher the screen, the higher the quality of the video images produced. You can watch high definition movies on your TV without any reduction in scale of the screen.

Connectivity: This is another important feature. This basically has to do with different connection ports on the TV such as USB ports, HDMI port, and Wireless connectivity. The USB port allows you plug flash/pen drives to the TV so you access the various video, audio and image files on the external storage media. The HDMI port is the high definition multimedia interface is used for transferring uncompressed video data and compressed or uncompressed digital audio data. The wireless connectivity option allows you connect to any Wi-Fi network thereby giving you access to the internet in order to surf the web, stream videos, and audio files online, check your social media accounts, and so much more. Smart TVs are basically the ones with this connectivity option.

Screen Size: This is usually measured in inches. This is basically the length of the display screen. For a suitable TV, you shouldn't go below 32inches. Anything above this is also perfect, although most screen sizes are sometimes determined by the size of the room you intend installing the TV.

TV Refresh Rate: This basically have to do with the number of frames the TV can draw per second. It is usually measured in Hertz. For a suitable TV, a minimum of 120Hz refresh rate is what you should look out for. This implies that it can draw 120 images in one second.

Where to Buy TVs Online in Tanzania?

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