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There is promise to empower more local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in engaging in online shopping and make it accessible to everyone everywhere as Jumia Tanzania marks its second year in the country.

In a statement made available to the 'Daily News' on Tuesday, there are over 100,000 sellers on board and there have been close to 900,000 buyers who have bought products from the Jumia platforms.

"The significant growth of Jumia over the past two years has been great motivation for us especially with our launch in Tanzania.

The consumer demand for e-commerce has pushed Jumia to grow and as 2015 goes on, we are looking to grow even further than we already have," Jumia Tanzania Country Manager, Mr Erfaan Mojgani said.

Mr Mojgani said that they have achieved many milestones in the last two years but still has a lot of ground to cover as a start up.

He said that in the two years, Jumia is in 34 countries so far, which launched in Nigeria and Pakistan simultaneously and has spread rapidly through Africa, Asia and most recently, in Europe adding that this year will see Jumia launching in more countries in Asia and Europe.

Currently, roughly 8,000 transactions take place everyday, on the platform and there are several payment options including cash on delivery and SafePay, a mobile-money-based option that protects the buyer, so as to ensure that their payment is made only after they receive their goods.

He adds, "By entering Tanzania, one of East Africa's largest countries, we are optimistic that Tanzanian citizens will continue to love and appreciate our presence and services, hence opting for Jumia as the leading online shopping platform not only in Tanzania but globally.

"Jumia is present in three of the most prominent and populous emerging economies - Nigeria, Pakistan and Bangladesh - and is instrumental in accelerating the movement of commerce online.

The combined population of all the countries Jumia is currently in, is 1.134 billion and is focused completely on empowering SMEs in those countries and is, in a way, driving a revolution of sorts thereby changing lives as a consequence.

About Jumia

Jumia is the largest and safest online marketplace for emerging markets. It connects buyers and sellers to allow them to take advantage of the best deals on an extensive range of products including electronics, books, fashion items, gadgets and even cars. Thanks to a fixed price system, Jumia guarantees that users will always find the lowest prices on the market.

About Africa Internet Group

Jumia is part of Africa Internet Holding (AIG). AIG introduces and accelerates the online shift in Africa – for its people and its culture. AIG has built up multiple web companies including: Jumia, Zando, Jumia, Hellofood, Lamudi, Carmudi, Jovago and Easy Taxi.

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