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Tableware are popularly called dinning ware. They are basically glassware and crockery items. There are two types of tableware; flatware and hollowware. Flatwares are knives, forks and spoons while the latter are where you put food.


Steak Knives are sharp with an indented edge and are used for cutting beefsteaks. Table knives also known as dinner knives are used for all types of starters except fish. Unlike steak knives, these ones are not indented. Fish knives as the name suggests are used for cutting fish steak or other seafood. Salad knives are smaller than dinner knives and are used for pastries, salads and pies.


The variations of second, third and fourth knives are available for forks too. They perform the same function as the knives but are used of serving instead of cutting.


Desserts spoons are used for desserts such as pudding and jelly. Soup spoon are round and oval shaped, the first are used for eating pottage while the later are used for eating consommé. Other types of flatware are snail fork and thong, lobster cracker and pick, coffee, tea, ice cream and grape fruit spoon and more.

Examples of hollowware are sugar containers, coffee cups and saucers, bowls, salt shakers and the likes.

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Tableware include kitchen accessories such as dishes, bowls, plates, table mats and others that are used for setting up a table mostly when serving food. Other types are cutleries, glassware, serving dishes and other items used for serving on the table. If you are planning a special dinner for your loved one, you need quality tableware to complete the gesture. Tableware is an essential part of any home. The plates, bowls, and cups used to serve a meal says a lot about the owner's personal taste and style; it also set the mood for the meal time. Bright, colorful tableware indicate a fun and casual meal. When shopping for tableware online, you need to take into consideration some factors that help determine how you can buy tableware at affordable prices.> There is a need to also consider the number of people you intend to serve, whether family members or party guests as well as the material they are made of such as stainless steel, ceramics, and plastic. There are many designs available online, you might want to shop for the ones that appeal to your taste. There is something for every taste and budget.

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