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Looking for Apple iPad tablets and Samsung Tablets at lowest prices? Get them only on Jumia. When people buy the Samsung tablet these days, they can't tell if their love for it is more for the careful body design or for its sheer "horsepower." Buy any Tablet on Jumia and enjoy its wide range of functions. The Apple iPad is the universe's veteran tablet, even with a limited budget; you can buy new and used Apple tablets on Jumia in whatever available specs you want; 16GB, 32GB, 64GB; Mini, Air. Jumia is the place to come for the latest tablets and phablets from internationally recognised brands including Apple, Asus, Lenovo, Samsung, Acer and Sony. Our sellers have a range of tablets to suit all needs, including light ultra-portable models that are good for movies and web browsing on the move as well as high powered versions that can be used for processor-heavy tasks such as photo and video editing. Jumia offers both the best prices and service available in Tanzania and we are sure that you will be very pleased with your tablet. Buy any of the HP Elite Pads for loyal HP customers and Blackberry Playbooks for Blackberry lovers, plus the Acer's Iconia tablet all on Jumia. But a Samsung Galaxy tab is a good bet to give you a clear statement among a pack of tablet users. Buy and sell affordable tabs on Jumia now.

Android Tablets offer fast access to everything that matters most to you. Whether you need access to email messages and documents on the move or even want to update your social media profile and get up to minute information, we have the tablet for you. Get an Android tablet on Jumia today. Android powered tablets are easy to use yet packed full of applications and customizability. With millions of applications just waiting to be downloaded from Play Store, you would definitely enjoy your Android tablet. The Windows tablets on Jumia includes a full touch-optimized version of Microsoft Office straight from the box, and provides the ideal solution for those that require a professional and effective work place while they are away from home. All the greatest and best games as well as apps are available on the windows Store too. Discover an expansive range of tablets here on Jumia. If you're spoilt for choice with regards to what you want, check our price list and find the ideal tablet that suits your budget and lifestyle. If you're looking for the best Android tablets online then you've arrived at the right place because on Jumia, we've obtained all of the latest models along with all of your favorites. Whether or not you're looking for a Samsung Galaxy tab or any other Android tablet we definitely have one for you. When it comes to affordable tablets, Jumia is the way to go!

Tablets are the new cool after mobile phones and laptops. Everyone has one nowadays and they would give you countless reasons why you should also own a tablet. Like its mobile, very handy, it does the work of a laptop, easier to use and a lot more. What they also don't fail to mention is how affordable it is on Jumia. We have a wide selection of affordable tablets just for you to choose from, tablets from brands such as Apple, Tecno, Samsung, Blackberry, Windows, Tecno and a lot more. We do not seize to offer you the best and very authentic product at the most affordable prices you cannot get anywhere else online. Check through our category for tablets and choose the one that matches your every specifications. These tablets can be used for various things like emails, video editing, beat production, reading and for the game lovers, gaming, with a host of others. We do not fail in giving you the best to choose from with the best prices and you can pay cash on delivery. Convenient right?