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Tables are household accessories and a type of furniture with four legs and a flat surface. The earliest sets of tables were designed and used by the Egyptians. These tables were a little bit bigger than slabs and were used to lift objects off the floor. The Chinese also made early tables; they were uses for writing and painting. The Greek and the Romans used table for eating and since eating is frequent act, they used tables more. The kind of table the Greek invented were made form marble, wood or metal. They later moved to designing bigger tables in rectangular shape which were different from others. The Romans also created semicircular tables. After this more forms of table appeared. Common types are dining table, coffee table, bedside table, study table and desk

Dining table: As the name suggests, this form is used dining with friends and family. It has a flat horizontal surface, some are very long and can host up to 20 or more guest.

Coffee table: This piece of furniture is low and long and is usually seen in the sitting room; some refer to it as a center table. They are available in different shapes, styles and designs. Although commonly made of wood, modern ones are available in steel and aluminum

Bedside table: This type of table is found in the bedroom and can add beauty to bedroom setting especially when you opt for the decorative ones. Usually, portable lamps, alarm clock and quick to reach items are kept on a bedside table.

Study Table: Sometimes called reading table, this type of table is used in homes especially by students and is sometimes seen in hostels or dormitories. Adults also use study table for work related purpose. Like a desk, some have drawers while other come with compartments for storing items such as books, laptops, file, stationaries, documents and others. An complete set of study furniture includes a table and a chair.

Desk: This is the type of table used in schools and offices. They are used for reading and writing. Traditionally, they are made of wood but are now seen in metals and glass. What differentiates this type from others is that they have drawers and compartments where you can store your books or important documents.

Buy Lovely Tables Online in Tanzania

Tables are important household furniture that is used for several functions in the house. It can be used as dining tables, coffee tables, library tables, school tables and office tables; tables are essential furniture one must have either in the home, office, school, and library. Tables are commonly made from wood, wood based products, and glass. Before buying tables online, you should know what you intend using the table for, that way you can know what type of table to buy. Tables are of different types which are dining room tables, bedside tables, night stand tables, gateleg tables, coffee tables, refectory tables, drafting tables, and workbench tables. Consider the table height and width. Many tables can be adjusted to change their height, position, shape, and size. Some tables have foldable extensions or sliding parts that can alter the shape of the tabletop. Some tables are entirely foldable for easy transportation like when going for camping.

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