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Exterior storage devices are used to briefly store data and can also be used for transporting that stored data from one device to another device. Such gadgets are not built into a computer. Memory Cards offer a convenient choice to store files that you may require while on the move. Utilize it for storing your videos, sound files or other applications on your phone. Being lightweight and compact, these types of external drives and memory cards are easy to carry about. The Memory cards on Jumia offer storage space of varying capacities, from Sony 4GB Memory sticks and SanDisk Ultra Memory Card which has a storage space of 64 GB to External hard drives that can store as much as 3TB of heavy programs and files. You will find many selections from all leading brand names including SanDisk, Sony, HP, Kingston, Adata, Philips, Seagate, Toshiba, Transcend and much more. Plug and play feature enables you to connect these devices to your laptop computer or other portable gadgets for easy data transfer. If you are searching for large scale data storage space and encryption, opt for our own collection of Memory Cards and Hard disks. Memory cards are a great choice to store photos, music as well as video on your Phone. Get your preferred memory card reader for high-speed data transfer to multiple USB-enabled devices. Check out our bestsellers and new arrivals to buy Storage devices online. Memory cards have become the most widely used type of storage device utilized for a lot of devices, such as cell phones, digital cameras, video cameras and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) devices. Shop online on Jumia and grab appealing discounts on all your preferred devices.