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Trays are important household accessories. They can be used for so many home functions. Not only do we use serving trays in our homes, we also use them at our work places, fast food restaurants, events and so on. Trays are shallow platform designed for carrying things and can be fashioned from numerous materials such as silver, brass, sheet iron, wood, melamine, paperboard, and molded pop. When choosing trays online, it might seem like a simple thing to do but you should be aware that there are some trays that are not well fashioned. So to avoid that, you should consider the center of gravity that is the tray must have a flat bottom to avoid slipping over. Also consider the handles on the sides of the tray; they must be solid and strong. You should also consider the size of the tray and the shape which could be round, square, rectangular or oval. The shape of your serving tray is really a personal choice and taste. The only thing you should keep in mind when choosing a shape is to make sure that the bottom of the tray does not slope seamlessly into the sides. Trays can be made from raw materials such as wood, crystal, metal, and porcelain.

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