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Scanners Online in Tanzania

Scanners are used to digitize documents, pictures, and graphics. They are one of the must-have office accessories. They are used to make digital copies of photos onto a computer or maybe you want to upload the photo online, they come in handy. They are also used when you want to have digital copies of important records such as receipts, certificates and more. It is a peripheral device that produces a pictorial representation of the scanned document which is viewed on a PC or laptop. Scanners need to be connected to PCs in order to perform at maximum capacity. Since they are peripheral devices, they depend on other devices to function properly which in this case is the computer system. Scanners are of various types and each type differs from the other. You need to know the type of scanners you want before buying it. Scanners are used by several people such as graphics artists, photo editors, and virtually anyone who is looking to digitize a document hard copy. At times, we find it challenging when shopping for scanners online because we fail to define the specifications we want.

Scanners Buying Guide

There are important features to lookout for when choosing a good scanner. These are:

Scanner Resolution: This is measured in pixel per inch (ppi) or dot per inch (dpi). A high resolution printer produces a better and quality scanned imaged. It is as simple as saying the higher the resolution the higher the image quality. Depending on what you intend scanning, for text documents – a 300dpi is okay; for photos, slides and negatives – 1200dpi and above is okay.

Scanner Color Depth: This is the number of colours it can produce in a digital image. It is also known as bit depth. Scanners can tell the number of bits from each pixels of an image while scanning them. For a quality image quality, you should go for those with a minimum of 24 bits. Other good colour depth are 30bits and 36-48 bits.

Scanner Sensor: This can also be called an image sensor. Modern scanners use charge-coupled device (CCD), a contact image sensor (CIS), or photomultiplier tube (PMT). The scanner sensor determines the quality of each image scanned. It converts light reflected on the document or object been scanned and convert them into a high quality digital image. Connection Ports: The new generation scanners come USB ports.

Type of Scanners

Scanners differ from one another and perform different functions. They are: Flatbed Scanners: They work by shinning a white light on the object to be scanned while reading the colour and intensity of the light reflected from the object one line at a time.

Photo Scanners: They produce high resolution digital image thereby making every detail in the image clear and sharp. They are mostly used by photographers due to their high resolution processor.

3D Scanners: They produce 3-dimiensional image of the object been scanned.

Other quality scanners include sheetfed scanners, handheld scanners, drum scanners, portable scanners, and more.

Where to Buy Scanners in Tanzania?

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