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Of all the accessories for computers and laptops that exists, the computer memory device is the most essential as it helps to give the user a smooth sailing experience without ever slowing down when running applications especially ones that consume computers memory, RAM which represents the Random Access Memory of the computer, is the haven for storing temporary information as the computer is running. There are many types of RAMs but they are specifically in two broad categories nonvolatile which retains information even when system is turned off and volatile is one that does not retain information. Right here on Jumia Market you will find nonvolatile RAMs of different models and brands that can you insert the memory slot on your computer motherboard. Shop for the most affordable pieces of hardware accessories that your PC needs for a higher performance when running your favourite memory zapping applications such as game software, design and video software and others.

Upgrade your computer memory with volatile RAM

For a rather slow computer speed which you already determined has a high processor speed, you can upgrade this system by adding up to its memory strength. If it was running a 2GB Ram and was still slow that means the applications you are running are not far above the capacity that the RAM can bear so smartest step to take is to add an additional 2GB or 4GB depending on your budget so that you can get an improved experience as so that running your applications will be a lot smoother and your overall computing experience an amazing one. With a quality RAM to boost your computer memory capacity, do not hesitate to shop on Jumia Market for that perfect one and you can rest assured that you are getting the best buy for your DDRAM or SDRAM here.

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Experience hitch free computing from today as soon as you search and find your choice and ideal RAM which is easy to set up right here on our marketplace, add it to cart and pay on delivery.