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Tennis is an exciting and challenging sport. The game itself can be practised by a single person or played by a group of people of all ages. Whether one is new to the game or an avid tennis enthusiast, it is important to be aware how the many types of equipment and gear can help to improve one's technique. The sheer diversity of tennis gear on the market can make such awareness daunting. Picking up tennis as a recreational sport is a smart move. Tennis is not just a fun game to play; it also offers a lot of health benefits. Players who go on to compete professionally may also get a chance to make a successful career about it. For a start, beginners will need to focus on improving their game and shopping for the right tennis equipment, the most important of these being the player's choice of tennis racquet.

The right racquet is key to a tennis player's overall comfort, power, and control. Tennis racquets are designed to match the needs and skills of different groups, from amateurs, teens, and children to professionals and other advanced adults. A racquet's size is thus is the first factor that shoppers should consider. That said, several other variables must be considered in addition to the player's age and skill level, including the racquet's frame material, head size, overall length, and string patterns. Even after one has settled on a particular racquet size and type, many additional variables serve to further differentiate options. For example, even if one decides on a power racquet, one could choose a longer model or a shorter one, a model with stiffer stringers or a model with more flexible strings, etc. The most common variables include the frame, head size, grip, length, and string. With a better understanding how these features are combined in various types of tennis racquets, you can find the right balance of features for your needs, and feel confident and comfortable with your purchase right here on jumia.

Other essential Tennis gears include:
Tennis Balls
A tennis match won't even proceed without racquets and it would be just as limited without tennis balls. Though they look simple and might not seem to be an issue for experts, tennis balls are carefully designed for their intended task. Specifically, they are made to withstand the elements of the tennis court and the force of racquet impacts while still retaining their original quality and shape. There are two major tennis ball varieties: pressurised tennis balls and pressureless tennis balls.
Most tennis players choose pressurised tennis balls, medium-speed tennis balls with extra-duty felt. Extra-duty felt tennis balls take longer to fray when used on hard courts than regular-duty felt tennis balls. Pressurised tennis balls that have an air-filled core can lose pressure over time, a phenomenon that gradually diminishes the balls' bounciness. Consequently, it is recommended that pressurised balls be replaced somewhat regularly. Pressureless tennis balls gain more bounce over time, and although they have a stiffer feel than pressurised tennis balls, they hold up well to repeated use. Standard-size pressureless tennis balls work well in tennis pitching machines and for practice.

Tennis Shoes
Tennis shoes provide the amount of support and cushioning needed to move around the tennis court. Other shoe varieties - even other types of athletic shoes, such those intended for cross training - will not necessarily have threads that are compatible with court surfaces, or padding designed to absorb the impacts characteristics of typical tennis manoeuvres. When shopping for new tennis shoes on jumia, be sure to buy a pair that fits properly. Any slips or areas of discomfort will be magnified during a match. Tennis apparel should be comfortable, supportive, and breathable. Clothing for tennis can include exercise apparel of all types, though players often gravitate toward polo shirts, sports tops and pants, tennis shorts, tennis skirts, caps, visors, sweatbands for the head and wrists, and sunglasses.

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