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Do you feel like making paella? Paella is a valencian rice dish also widely regarded as Spanish national dish as well as a regional valencian dish. When you want to prepare this dish, you need the Paella Pan. If you are worried about how you will get the pan, you can trust the number one online marketplace in Tanzania, Jumia for that. You can shop online for your paella pans online on Jumia. Before you purchase paella pans you need to know what kind of pan you need. You should ask yourself the number of people you are preparing paella for. If you want to serve very few group of people, you can go for the 38cm paella pan. If you want to serve a large group of people then you should go for the 55cm pan. Also, you should know that there are different types of paella pans such as Enameled steel paella pans which are still quite traditional and is much easier to maintain than a carbon steel pan because the enamel protects the surface from rust. Stainless steel paella pans which are very similar to the carbon steel paella pans with the main advantage being that the stainless steel does not rust and therefore requires less maintenance. Cast iron paella pans which are much heavier and take much longer to cook paella due to slow heat transfer. Non-stick paella pans which are treated with a special non-stick surface which can make them easier to clean than other paella pans. Polished carbon steel paella pans which are used by professional maestro. Now you should be able to tell which paella pan best suits your need.

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You can buy your paella pans online on Jumia Tanzania. The number one online marketplace in Tanzania you can trust to get quality, durable, long lasting paella plans at very affordable prices and delivered to your doorstep. Buy lovely sets of paella pans now on Jumia Tanzania and serve the best paella ever to your friends, family, customers, and colleagues.