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Buy really cheap iPhone accessories on Jumia like an iPhone car stand or a car charger. You get maximum value from Jumia whether you are buying or selling cheap BlackBerry car chargers. Take advantage of all the free energy around you with cheap solar chargers and mobile power banks you can buy for a few bucks on Jumia. Sell genuine batteries and any phone accessories to many buyers on Jumia at good prices and discover a new big side of business you never did before. No much protocol; just register, post details of your product and start selling fast. It's now very old-fashioned to carry about a phone with violent scars. Jumia offers you a lot of extremely cheap deals in different colours of phone cases and flip covers no matter the brand - whether it's a Samsung or an Apple or a Blackberry - for you to keep your precious phone from scratch and to make as much money as possible - whether you are buying or selling. A low phone memory can make you feel very restrained. Think up any memory card size that has been made and trust us to have it here on Jumia to expand your phone memory and let you do much more than you ever thought possible. Jumia parades a wide variety of memory card sizes from cheap 64GB sizes to much more cheaper 1GB sizes so that you can get the exact memory card size you need and get to pay only as little as possible for it. Right there from your home, post memory cards for sale on Jumia and we will give you all the support as you sell them to many customers from all over the country.