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Everything that a mini laptop should be is what you will find in the impressive collection of Notebooks you can find listed on an exhaustive list of genuine mini laptops right on our marketplace platform online. We have diverse brands for you to make your pick - from Samsung, Acer, Toshiba, Dell and more, you can find that perfect one that is ideal for either home or office use. Our high quality selection of sleek, well-crafted and highly functional notebooks will get you delighted in our value offerings. Whether you are looking out for large storage capacity, long battery life, high processor speed, and touchscreen or HD display screens in your ideal notebook of choice, you will find the one that works ideally for you on here. Shop for the best notebook online on Jumia Tanzania now and get the best price for your choice. Durability, portability and functionality are all packed in one; this describes the wide selection of notebooks we have, listed on our marketplace.

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Whether you love to use Mini Laptops because they are portable or you want a laptop that can be moved around easily for travel and short trips, or perhaps you need to help build your child's computer skills, then you can find high performance mini laptops right on here and get good value for your money. Make them your companions for games if you are a game loving person or for work if you love to work on the go to meet the day's target or perhaps you love to watch movies or listen to your favourite genres of music, you will be spoilt for choice with the wide array of Mini Laptops we are offering at the best deals you can get online. If you favour functionality, screen resolution and solid processor type then you cannot go wrong shopping for notebook computers on Jumia.

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To get the best buy on our shopping platform, make an informed purchase. We have the search facility to guide you to the perfect choice of that notebook according to brand, price, colour and model. Get familiar with the specifications of the model you intend to buy so that you do not buy amiss when shopping and when you have the specifications in place you can search for your choice based on your preferences.

HTC Mobile Phones: Latest Mobile Phones List

HTC mobile is one of the leading mobile phone manufacturers today, competing with the likes of Samsung, LG among others. Although, Chinese were the first to manufacture the HTC products yet it had gained high penetration in the US and also gone around the world.

HTC is the original design manufacturer for many Android and Windows phone-based smartphones and PDAs. Brands that market or previously marketed HTC-manufactured products include Dell, Fujitsu Siemens etc

HTC phones are found to be featured by the biggest phone news publishers all over the globe because they are also as popular as Samsung at producing great phones and tablets.

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Discover and grab the best deals on the latest HTC phones and tablets available in Tanzania. The best prices on the latest HTC models are now available on Jumia, Tanzania.

Feel free to browse the section of the HTC mobile on Tanzania's No.1 online marketplace. Order the HTC of your choice; find the best HTC phones from high range to mid –range like the HTC One M7, HTC One M8, HTC One M9. You can also choose from the categories of HTC Desire phones like Desire 860, Desire 828 dual Desire 626 Desire 520 and many others which can be delivered to your location where ever you are in Tanzania.