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Anything from iPods to car mp3s to headphones to sound systems, discover a whole new world of sounds at best prices on Jumia. You'll find the best quality audio merchandise on Jumia, all catering to a diverse range preferences and needs. Check out the variety of speakers in the audio section of the Jumia place and share your music with your friends. Wireless speakers are in high demand and allow for greater convenience within the home. Headphones can be plugged into mobile devices and are ideal to use while travelling. Hi tech gaming equipment is essential for home entertainment and Xbox and PlayStations provide the family with hours of fun and excitement. You'll be spoilt for choice with the huge amount of wonderful games available for purchase too. If you are looking for a full-on multimedia device with functions like video playback, memory space storage, and file down load option, you can go for iPod Nano 16GB (7th Generation). Enhanced sound quality can be obtained from your Ipod by buying new headphones. With little or no knowledge of the types of Ipods and mp3 players that are available, you can still make your choice on Jumia and be assured that you are getting your money's worth. You can get an m3player on Jumia and be sure that you would not miss any song again.

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Buy or sell extremely useful Bluetooth earphones and car mp3 players with remote control for a superior driving experience. Find great products like the Beats by Dre and Monster headphones right here on Jumia at affordable prices. Discover incredible value in LG and Samsung home theatre systems (new and used) and enjoy music and movies with the family like never before. The iPod nano is one of the best music inventions ever, shop for it and other great Apple products here. Feel the beat come alive with Apple, Nokia and Blackberry earphones made work perfectly with your device, including wireless headphones by Sony and Bose speakers also. Jumia has a variety of renowned brands of audio equipment. There are boomboxes, radios and more that are sure to catch your attention. You are able to pick from various options in radios like the clock radios, Radio players and FM radios. These products come with enticing functions like built in speaker, standard rechargeable battery, internet radio along with wi-fi connectivity, remote control as well as great compatibility with television, cell phones, Mp3 etc .After that there are boomboxes ranging from little & portable ones to the ultra-sleek or the wall mountable toned panel systems. With genuine & undiluted audio high quality and high reliability, these boomboxes are the way to go. Get yours today on Jumia and enjoy music like never before. MP3 players give you the freedom to listen to your favorite music no matter where you are. MP3 players have come quite a distance from where they began. With new age technology, they are available in all sizes, shapes, colors and costs. Jumia brings to you a wide range of MP3 players so you get to decide what brand you need, which MP3 player is better for you personally and which one is within your budget range. If you want just to play songs, you can get portable MP3 player from good and reliable brands only on Jumia.