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Mexxi halogen oven

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Product Location:Dar Es Salaam - Dar Es Salaam City
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A basic halogen oven features a heating chamber consisting of a clear glass bowl with a removable glass lid to which the heating assembly is secured.[2][4] Inside the heating chamber, multi-level metal racks are used to elevate the contents during the cooking process.[2] Within the heating assembly are the circular halogen lamp, a fan,[4] and the controls for the oven which frequently include an automatic shut-off timer and a temperature control interface.[2][5] On a basic model, the heating assembly has a handle to allow users to safely lift the lid off the unit. More elaborate models have a hinged lid mounted on an adjustable rear support which can be raised to accommodate an extension ring. This raises the heating assembly to reduce the grilling effect as well as increasing the volume of the oven. Hinged models are safer and easier to use.[6] A safety shut-off switch turns off the lamp when the lid is raised during operation. The glass bowl is positioned in a stand which raises the bowl off the table-top and decreases the transfer of heat to the surrounding surfaces. Handles are often incorporated into the stand to allow for users to move the unit, providing safety especially during or after operation.
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