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Buy Gucci bags and wallets for men on Jumia

Wallets are essential accessories for men as they help to keep money, cards and other important personal effects. They are unique, slim and able to fit into the pockets for easy movement around. Though they are of different length and width they are made for the pocket but depending on use they don't have to be too wide or long so that carrying them around is a lot easier for the carrier. They are different types of wallets for men such as the bi-folds and the multiple folds. Our collection of leather wallets, cotton and other material are a sight to behold, as they are beautifully designed and well-crafted to fit perfectly into your pocket. Shop the best brands such as Gucci, Polo and more. Get laptop bags, patterned wallets, travelling bags and others now. Place your order now for your choice of bags or satchels for men right here on Jumia. Get your currency notes, cards, passport photos in a place with good quality wallets for men here.

Shop quality but low-priced bags for men

You really don't have to drive through the city, spend hours on end on queues to get quality bags for men in Tanzania. Let us save you a lot of troubles with our offer of leather bags, cotton material and more at the best prices you can find online. Get travel luggage bags, sling bags, mono strap backpack, laptop bags and more on Jumia and get the best deals on these. You can never be stranded when you plan to travel and need to quickly buy travel bags on our site. Choose your choice from a large assortment of superior quality bags for men right on Jumia and avail yourself of the good prices we offer even for the best brands. Anne Design, Mont Blanc, Aramis and more. Browse through our collection of patterned, checkered and plain bags of different material here. Shop brown, black leather boxes and bags for men here on Jumia and amazing prices. Let's give you the best in quality, buy now and pay cash on delivery.