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Medical Penlight Clinical torch

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Why A Medical Pen Light Instead of a Flashlight?
The Look: For most of the tests that a doctor, a nurse or an EMT would perform any flashlight would work but doctors and nurses are in a professional setting and usually want to have something that does not look like the typical tactical flashlight. The best medical pen lights look professional rather than rugged and are usually available in colors other than black. For those looking for pediatric penlights you can find penlights in many colors and some of the disposable penlight packs even come in a rainbow pack. There are also pens with lights available but they do not usually have as good of a flashlight.

Uses For A Medical Pen Light
The Pupil Test: The reason why doctors, nurses and EMTs carry flashlights is to do a pupil test. So, what can the pupil test tell us? First, doctors look to see if your eyes constrict if a light is shown in the them. The doctors or nurses will keep track of how much constriction you have with a pupil chart. Second, do the swinging flashlight test moving the flashlight from eye to eye every few seconds to check that both eyes have the same response and that your eyes both react regardless of which eye has the flashlight in it. This is called the consensual constriction test. A light test can also be used to diagnose and discern the severity of a concussion and is often used with patients that are passed out to check reflex and brain function.
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