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Dell Desktop Monitor - 17 inches

Dell Desktop Monitor - 17 inches

TZS 120,000
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Find Genuine LED Monitors Office or Home use on Jumia Market

Shop for a broad variety of highly functional LED Monitorson Jumia Market Tanzania today and turn your wish list to reality. We have on offer LED monitors from well renowned and globally recognized brands such as Dell, Phillips and Samsung and you can get them in different screen dimensions and with amazing features that you will find irresistible. It is needless to state the essential functions that computer monitors perform. They are useful for designers, video content managers and other professionals in the ICT industry; however this is not to say they are not useful for everyday computing. With our low power consumption LED monitors which we have in an exhaustive category, selecting your choice brand and model is going to be like a walk in the park, so easily that you would have a stress free shopping experience.

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we have sleek computer monitors listed on Jumia Market for you to feast your eyes on. We have this presented to you so that you can have massive options to choose from while attempting to buy yourself a LED Monitor that will help you easily accomplish your task without stress. The angles of collection can be adjusted to fit the perfect viewing angle of your choice so that overall you can control your sitting position and posture and can find convenience while operating your computer system. Whether you want to replace an old tube monitor or you have a friend or loved one you wish to gift a LED monitor to, Jumia Market is always the best option for you to make the best purchase available. Get the best now and shop for your ideal pc monitor be it to watch your favourite movie in HD or to play games or maybe you love to take office tasks home, you can check your emails with ease with your monitor.

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To make money while selling monitors on Jumia Market, you just need to register in quick and easy steps and you can start listing the genuine PC monitor types you wish to sell, once the listing is approved, you will get orders and you can fulfill the orders and start making cool cash. Buy or sell screens on our platform and get the best bargains.