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Buy Laundry Supplies in Tanzania

Shopping for laundry supplies in Tanzania can be herculean especially if you do not know where to get the items from. Buy laundry supplies on Tanzania's largest online marketplace Jumia and get fast delivery to your doorstep in no time.

Our selection of laundry supplies are from globally recognized brands that will keep your home spick and span. We know how tired you may be wherever you return home from work every day, having no time to wash your clothes. Turn your pile of filthy dresses into clean ones using high quality detergent or tablet soaps that you can find on Jumia. You will find liquid or solid soaps at different stores online but our online marketplace platform is the place on which the best prices for the best products can be found.

You may decide to buy in small or large quantities. Whichever quantity you choose, we have an exhaustive selection of supplies here and so you have nothing to worry about. Start shopping for your favourite washing soaps now – all available at very cheap rates only when you shop on our mega store. To buy on Jumia, you are required to register your details with us. Register now as a buyer and shop extensively as you like.

Laundry Baskets Online At the Best Price

If you keep your clothes until weekend before you wash them, then it is important for you to get a basket to keep them all instead of littering the room. You can get laundry baskets online at the best price when you choose to buy from Jumia. We have a wide category of baskets to choose from and you can easily select one from the exhaustive list.

As you browse through our large selection, you will certainly find durable laundry baskets that will help you neatly keep your dirty clothes aside until when you are ready to wash them. When shopping however, take your time to compare prices of the various types laundry boxes to find the one that matches your budget size. This way, you will get the best buy. Buy now, pay cash on delivery.