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At Jumia, making the essential items for kids and babies available is top on our list. We offer a wide selection of products for kids & babies. Discover awesome deals on high quality baby gear for, including the best in clothes, shoes, strollers, feedings, diapers, toys and more on Jumia. Whether you need a baby carrier for your infant or school bags for your little boys & girls, browse our large selection of children's accessories to find the perfect one. At, baby caps, mittens and baby socks, headbands for little girl fashion, superhero shirts and t-shirts for toddles and babies, baby suits for newborn girls and boys and much more are available for you. Get amazing offers on Jumia when you buy or sell baby clothing for that smart and cute look. Discover beautiful school bags, polka dot dresses and other clothing from brands such as Mothercare, George and Tommy Hilfiger and more. The comfort and well-being of your baby is essential. That is why your child deserves the best! Check out our selection of food for baby, diapers, beds for babies, safety etc. You will also find fashion clothes for 0-36 month's babies made from soft materials.

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Babies and Kids are the crown of joy in any family. Children love to play and have fun which is a vital part of growing up. At Jumia, we understand this; therefore we have carefully selected variety of toys for babies and kids. Discover our latest selection and choose from our wide range of toys for kids of all ages including construction toys, preschool toys, musical toys, outdoor toys, puzzles and more.
Shop brands of baby games here on Jumia as you shop through brands like Fisher Price that teach them how to climb, stretch, sing-along and every little adventure that makes their little world a better place. As they grow up, their tastes and preferences may change, but Jumia has that under control as well, availing a diverse assortment of toys for both girls and boys. You can now buy games for kids on Jumia and allow your child to experience the legendary world of Spider-Man, Batman, Barney, Ben 10, Barbie and Hannah Montana. Unlock the creative genius in your child as he/she embarks on an intellectual journey of development, utilizing a range of exciting and educational concepts from the world of Lego, in different shapes, colors and sizes. This helps develop them intellectually while they have fun. When it comes to your child, this online shopping platform clearly has you covered. Simply visit Jumia today and discover the most amazing deals on a range of these products.

Essential Needs for kid and Babies.

• Hygiene- This is the first on my list, because the most important aspect of a kid's upbringing to look out for is their hygiene. Kids hygiene spreads across every aspect from their clothing's to what they eat and touch, so this aspect covers every other category. The items associated with the cleanliness of kids are diapers, bathing supplies, washing supplies, supplements, and health and personal care products. This items are used to take care of your kids, keep them clean, healthy and fresh.
• Clothing- this is a very important category even for the older generation, Kids clothing is essential. Kids wear a lot of cute outfits, and their looks are credited to their parents , so if you want compliments, dress your kids properly kids cloths include shoes, hoodies, sweaters socks, duvets, socks, shoes and hooded blankets. Parents are advised to completely clothe their babies and kids, to protect their delicate bodies from harsh weather and insects
• Toys and Furniture- furniture in the sense of their space, for baby's cots or cribs, walkers, strollers, carriers and so on, just like toys for kids they are objects used to develop a kids senses. Kids need their toys and personal items to understand responsibilities and also learn life phenomena's while having fun.
• Feeding- feeding is very important for baby and kids for them to grow up properly and healthy. Foods for kids is very essential and the right and proper meals are even more important. The feeding category online include baby food, baby bottles, pacifiers, baby cutlery set, and baby cups. These tools helps kids eat comfortably and properly, also educates them on how to eat on their own in no time.

Kaymu- The One-Stop Shop for all Your Baby Products

The reason why babies bring so much happiness into our lives s because the allow us to reminisce and remind ourselves about how much time can pass us by without us even noticing it. One moment, you are a bundle of joy, the next you are holding your own bundle of joy. Nonetheless, any parent or guardian knows that those little bundles of joy take a lot of work to look after. Nothing feels worse than seeing them cry and not knowing why, so it is important to keep a smile on their faces at all times. After all, their happiness is our happiness. At Jumia, we aim at generating a convenience significant enough to make everyone happy. So we take extra care in ensuring that everything has been put into consideration. For instance, babies require one to have the right baby products to make things a little easier.
What are baby products? Simply items that enable you to handle and nurture your bundle of joy. One must understand that babies are the most delicate of creatures. For this matter, it is important that they are handled with the utmost care, because the slightest discomfort can cause quite a commotion. In this regard, it is vital that these items include baby clothes to suite different conditions, pampers, feeding bottles, nipple-tops, and a number of other items that will keep your baby happy and comfortable. Having a child in your care, it becomes quite hectic to travel all the way to the store to pick up some of these items. But not to worry, Jumia has you covered. At the click of a button, you can have these products delivered directly to your door step without having to leave your baby for a second.
Jumia also provides a range of baby lotions, baby food, and a variety of products to help in the nurturing of your child. You can use our smart filtering system and get the products which you want on display as compared to viewing all the products. And considering the fact that many people have tastes and preferences, you can also choose the brands through the advanced filter system, which also allows you to search for products and get the ultimate experience of easily shopping online and getting all you need in one place. Simply visit Jumia today and handle all your baby issues at the click of a button.