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Watches and jewelries are accessories, used to compliment a person's look, jewelries add colour to your look. Watches are elegant pieces used to tell time. They are designed to be worn on the wrist, and hooked or attached by a strap or lock depending on what type. The sole purpose of watches are to tell time, but just like jewelries they are also used to accessorize and compliment a look.

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Jumia offer thousands of quality wristwatches from top brands such as Omega, Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani. Browse our selection of designer watches for men and women in Tanzania and find the latest quality watches that suit you style Find countless valuable wristwatches at competitive prices on Jumia. What wrist watches are your favourite? Find some of the biggest names in chain watches: Emporio Armani, Burberry and Rolex; rubber and silicon: US Polo Assn, Geneva, XOXO. And do get a feel of a Michael Kors' genuine leather watch and a Casio sport watch. The right jewelry can help you accessorize an outfit, a wedding dress, update your wardrobe, and express your personal style. Jewelry trends change just as quickly as clothing, but updating your jewelry box with a season full of new looks can be cost prohibitive. Fortunately, Jumia Tanzania fashion jewelry selection allows you to test new looks without breaking the bank. When you invest less, you can have a bit more fun and create a style all your own. Whether it's a glistening statement necklace, vintage-inspired earrings, or a bright cuff bracelet, fashion jewelry makes a bold style statement. When choosing fashion jewelry to add to your collection, first determine how would like the piece to fit into your wardrobe. For a pop of color, faux diamond jewelry offers a little punch for the right price. A fashion necklace or bracelet is an easy way to try a new texture or pattern trend. If you're looking for a little sparkle to go with your wedding rings, a pair of crystal dangle earrings will light up your face and your entire look. With fashion jewelry from Jumia Tanzania, you can get the look of diamonds and other precious stones for a few bucks.

Buy Leather & Chain Designer Wristwatches for Men

Some say jewelry is to women as watches are to men, and nothing says "timeless" like a trendy time piece does. Designer labels such as Rolex and Micheal Kors put the utmost time and care into creating amazing leather and chain wrist watches and Tanzania's largest online marketplace avails them to you in no time at all. Jumia brings you the best from a range of both local and international brands and labels, availing an extensive selection of countless valuable wrist watches at competitive prices. Whatever your favorite label may be, you are bound to find what you are looking for or something close, on Jumia. Discover some of the biggest names in chain watches including Emporio Armani, Hublot and Rolex; as well as rubber and silicon products from US Polo, Geneva, Calvin Klein, and Diesel. Experience the class of a gold or silver chain Rolex. Or alternatively, you can go for an elegant Emperio Armani chain wrist-watch. Perhaps you are a sports-freak? Keep your time in check with a digital Casio sport watch, which comes with an in-built alarm and timer. No outfit is complete without the right sort of accessory to complement it. Jumia rises to the occasion for you by providing a grand selection of men's wrist-watches to choose from, allowing you to accessorize according to your personal style or whatever event you may be attending. The right Watch can help you accessorize an outfit, update your wardrobe, and express your personal style all at once. And Tanzania's number one shopping platform makes sure that all this and more can be yours at the click of a button.

Where to Buy Statement jewelry for Women Online

Women may be particularly more drawn to Jewelry than watches, but trends in jewelry change just as quickly as clothing. For this reason, updating your jewelry box with a season full of new looks can be cost prohibitive. On the other hand, time-pieces for women are constantly in style and are not priced as intensively as jewelry. Nonetheless, you have nothing to worry about with Tanzania's largest online marketplace. Jumia presents you with an extensive selection of wrist watches and jewelry from a number of different brands and labels. All these are availed at the most amazing prices on the market. Discover unbelievable offers on a range of women's wrist-watch selection which can allow you to test new looks without breaking the bank with the likes of Armani, Chanel and Micheal Kors. Whether you are finding an accessory to grace a special occasion with, or a sports watch to keep your time on track when your are on the tracks, Jumia is definitely the place to go. The same applies to any other fashion component, from clothes and shoes, to add-ons and accessories for both men and women alike. For instance, when you are looking to invest in Jewelry, Jumia enables you to have a bit more fun and create a different style all your own, with the widest range of necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings the world of jewelry has to offer. Whether it's a glistening statement necklace,, vintage-inspired earrings, or a bright cuff bracelet, jewelry makes a bold style statement for whoever wears it. Experience the elegance and class of Milan Jewelry, availed to you at some of the most unbelievable prices online. You can also find locally-made beaded accessories that will leave you looking simply fabulous. Feel free to choose from our large collection of rhinestone accent watches for women, and if you are looking to tie the knot, Jumia has just what you are looking for, with a full range of wedding bands and engagement rings that will last throughout your marriage. So look no further, visit Jumia for the best deals on wrist watches and jewelry online.