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Judging by Apple's milestone in the mobile phone market, the brand has witnessed a lot of growth over the years and has maintained a high success rate in the market that has major competitors such as Samsung and Nokia. Everything from the chassis to the screen down to the IOS store makes Apple phones hugely sought after especially in the elitist community of phone users. We have a wide array of really smart IOS phones right here on Jumia and you can be sure to get good prices for either the new or the fairly and neatly used ones. When you shop for your preferred model of iPhone, ensure that you buying the features that you want to see and engage with. Looking for high performance processor or your interest lies in the photo and video capturing capacity of the phone? Get the top quality Apple phones that will gratify your cravings for an iPhone right here on our marketplace platform. Stand out distinguished and fashionable with the trendy Apple phones available on our easy to use website.

Performance, Speed, Beauty: Apple iPhone

The latest models of iPhones are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7plus and they are always hugely demanded by smart phone lovers all over the world. Here you can find these products in various storage capacities, colours and more. Talk about HD screen resolution, crystal clear camera, video production quality, iCloud services, Air drop file sharing capacity, a high performance and upgradable iOs 6 engine all enwrapped in a premium phone which has become the toast of many especially public figures and celebrities and the elites in the society . If you are long talker on the phone or you love to listen to music for long period of time. Get the iPhone and play your music non-stop for up to 40 hours – this is almost a 2-day non-stop music play. Whatever you want from a quality smartphone, the iPhone 5 or the latest iPhone 6 has them. Get discounted rates on Jumia when you shop here. Buy now and pay cash on delivery.

Nowadays, when people mention apple, we don't think of the fruit anymore, unless we think of the fruit logo with a part bitten off. We mostly then to think about the popular multinational cooperation that is not only popular for its smartphone but also for its tablet computers, laptops and recently the apple watch. Apple is a brand that disrupts its industry with the latest gadgets. The unique thing about this brand is that it only has one model for smartphone which is the iPhone and fir the tablet it has the iPad air and mini as the latest tablets and then the MacBook laptops series with the MacBook Air and MacBook pro with different specifications and recently just started manufacturing the apple watch which is a wearable device that you connect to your iPhone. A wide selection of apple products can be found on Jumia Tanzania, your number one online marketplace, at affordable prices. This is a unique brand that its innovations are outstanding and other brands have no choice but to follow closely behind. Do your shopping today from our Apple store on Jumia and have your product delivered to you.