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How to Save your Laptop PC battery from Draining

laptop battery life

The thing with laptop batteries is that their capacity to last as long as they used to reduces with time. Just like smartphones and tablets, the energy power and longevity your laptop battery has today will never be the same as next year. With time, the life span of batteries decreases hence there is need to be careful with the way we use our laptops especially when it is not plugged to the wall socket for charging..

1.   Dim Or Reduce Your Screen Brightness

The brightness is particularly the highest battery drainer in a laptop, it is important that you dim the lights when the laptop is not plugged to a power outlet. You can do very easily on most laptops by pressing and holding the function (Fn) Key and Arrow UP key. Alternatively you can do that by going to your mobility center (Windows Key + X ), the mobility center can be found in your control panel.

2.   Don't use a screensaver

Screensavers are unnecessary on modern displays and will drain your battery doing nothing useful when you could have simply set your display to automatically go off and save the power. To enable automatic power saving mode so your PC sleeps off after some minutes of no activity, simply go to your Control Panel and then to Display options to reduce the time for the Display and to DIM automatically.

3.   Run fewer programs in the background

When you don't have electricity to charge your laptop, this is when you need to close those programs you are running in the background. Close heavy programs which are not in use like games and other unused applications. This might be a hard decision for most people to make but it is the best if you want your laptop battery to last for you.

4.   Use of External Storage

This is also an important feature. The mere fact that iPhones don't use external storage media is more than enough for people to get discouraged from buying it. Compare an iPhone 5s with internal storage memory of 16 GB to an Infinix Hot Note with internal storage memory of 16 GB and an external storage memory of up to 32 GB. The difference is clear because you can obviously store files, documents, games, images, and videos on the Infinix Hot Note than the iPhone 5s.

5.   Reduce CPU usage

You can reduce your CPU usage by going to Task manager in your Control panel and looking for those programs that are using too much CPU (Central processing unit) of your Laptop. This is because the more CPU is consumed, the more your battery will surely run down. And the less your computer has to do, the more power it will save for you.

6.   Avoid maxing out your RAM

If you are using your System's entire RAM, there is every possibility that the programs you run will consume most of the RAM. When the RAM is fully used, this will definitely make your PC use more energy in its battery. The best thing to do in managing your RAM is to close unnecessary programs or better still upgrade the RAM of the laptop. There are different sizes of RAMs available on Jumia which you can add to your present one; this will improve both the speed and battery life of your laptop battery.

7.   Hibernate your Laptop instead of putting it on Sleep Mode

Most people normally make the mistake of putting their PC on sleep mode thinking that it will save their battery. The effect is that the laptop is still in conscious-mode when you put it to sleep and the best way to totally save the battery without losing anything you were working on is by hibernating the laptop. Your laptop's battery should last longer if you follow the practices listed above. This would help you save the cost of buying yourself a new battery to replace the former one when it eventually goes bad.