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The first point of contact with anyone is the face and many of us are often uncomfortable as far as our facial features are concerned and that is why most people pay close attention to their looks. Are you worried about the way your face presently appears and do you think you need a face lift ASAP? You are not in this alone. Many often complain about troublesome pimples that won't go even after applying various over the counter skin care products to no avail. Do you really want to get that desperate blackhead brought on by acne off your face? Then following some DIY tips and tricks below will do you a world of good by clearing the pimples and then blotting out the scars they leave behind. You can remove those ravaging and stubborn acne from now following the tips over here.

The "Bulls Eye" Egg White Treatment for Acne Scar

Break an egg; separate its yolk from the liquid in the shell (egg white) and then put aside as your medicine. Incredible? Yeah thought so too for how can it ever be possible that egg white will be medicinal? On the contrary, they are. Egg whites are potent with healing characteristics that can help you get your blackhead and scars out in no time – at least make them drastically blurred.

Egg whites don't only make scars less visible, they also prevent new breakouts based on the protein and amino acids that constituent its liquid.

To apply the egg white, consider a 3-egg dosage. As mentioned earlier, separate the egg's yolk from its white and beat until fluffy and really white and put aside then use your fingers to gently rub the egg whites deep into your skin. When dried on your skin, rinse gently with warm water. This should be done lie 3 times a week until you achieve your desired results.

That was for egg white; let us now consider the yolk itself. The egg yolk also work wonders in combination with the white. It depends on what works for you. Some people have allergies and may experience negative results from the application of this egg mixture while some will certainly get the best results depending on skin type.

Egg Yolk Nourishing Treatment

For a glowing skin, the yolk that you put separated from the white can be very nourishing to your facial skin. If you can religiously mask your face for at least 15 minutes a day for 4 weeks, you will have long lasting results as a proof that the egg solution really works wonders. This is a challenge and you should be ready to take it up in order to blot out those scars that won't allow you look your best. To apply the yolk as a facial mask, consider these requirements:

1.   Egg yolk

2.   Mashed banana

3.   Olive Oil ( You can also make do with coconut oil if you can't lay hands on Olive oil)? Olive Oil ( You can also make do with coconut oil if you can't lay hands on Olive oil)


Beat the egg yolk properly, and then add the mashed banana to it. Mixed thoroughly together till it forms a paste and then add teaspoons of olive or coconut oil to the paste, mix thoroughly.

The paste should be in this form:

Now, prepare your face for the "treatment"

Use warm water to rinse the face thoroughly to open up your skin pores and then use facial cleanser to clear the face if you are wearing makeup. Wipe the face dry and then apply the paste on your face avoiding the eye, nose and mouth regions. After about 15 minutes, rinse off with warm water – do not rinse roughly, do it gently. Now dry your face with a soft towel. Do it consistently for a month at least once a day and you will notice a significant improvement in your facial skin.


Can you see that you don't necessarily have to go looking for a dermatologist all the time? There are certain skincare DIYs that work till date. What you require for the most part is information. When you access information, you get power of knowledge and then you can learn the steps to applying the knowledge. Please note that adding some little lemon juice to your solution will make it more effective against the scars and you should also really continue the use of your cleansers and exfoliators. .

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