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How to Achieve and Maintain a Flawless Skin in 2016.

Most of us believe that models, actresses, TV presenters and the likes probably fell from heaven with the way their skin glows when we see them on TV. Some of them look so perfect that we begin to wonder if the same God created us all. Good news folks, yes, the same God did. You need to understand that there is nothing like a perfect skin. We can't help it cases where we get pimples from our period, insect stings us or bruise our skin. Your skin goal for this year should be it healthy and glowing. Most of the beautiful skin types you see on TV are very achievable. Sometimes, when we desperately want to get rid of blackheads, rashes and eczema, we end up using harsh products that worsen or does not improve the condition of our skin. What we don't know is that celebrities use natural treatments or products. That's right, natural stuff is the best and most efficient way to achieve a flawless skin. I have compiled few easy tips that you need to maintain a healthy skin.

Sleep:Most of us don't know how important sleep is. Sadly, most of us do not even get enough of it. This is because of our busy schedules and personal things we also have to do. Nevertheless, sleep is important and one should get at least 7 hours of it every day. This rejuvenates and makes you feel good, and also keeps dark circles away from your eyes.

Stay Away From The Sun: The sun is not totally bad. You need the morning sun from when it rises till about 8am and this is because it is the best source of vitamin D. And we all need our vitamins, yes? But afterwards, the sun becomes very harsh and not healthy for the skin because of the ultraviolet rays it emits which does not do wonders for the skin cells. Besides, being under the sun for too long would definitely give you sunburns. So it is advisable to stay away from the sun after the first morning rays and if you absolutely have to, then put on some sunscreen and take an umbrella.

Do Not Sleep With Make-up On: Ladies! We definitely cannot be lazy about this. Some of us already put on too much on our face to begin with. I would even feel very uncomfortable if I had to sleep with concealer, foundation, mascara and all on my face. For one, cleaning you face before you go to bed clears the pores that have been blocked with makeup and lets your face breathe. If you can't do without applying makeup, you should also be ready to clean it off every time. With a mild make up remover, (stay away from the ones that have alcohol content) you can solve this problem without leaving your bed. Olive oil is also a very effective makeup remover.

Diet: Fruits are very important for maintaining or achieving a healthy skin. One of the most important vitamins for healthy skin is vitamin C. Regular intake of vitamin C improves and enhances skin brightness, keeps away age spots and enhances the skin's ability to protect itself from the damage caused by the harsh UV rays of the sun. Some of the best food sources of vitamin C are blackcurrants, guava, grapes, strawberries, lemon and sweet potatoes. It strengthens the capillaries of the skin for better transport of the nutrients into the skin cells and tissues.

Stay Hydrated: One of the best benefits of water is that it helps your skin to purify itself. Glowing skin tips are incomplete without including this vital point. Drinking at least 2 liters of water per day gives the skin a bright, noticeable change in less than a week. It hydrates the body, removes excess oils and dirt. Also, it rids your skin from dryness and wrinkles, and boosts the immune system. Try to drink 8 glasses of fluids, preferably water every day.

Exfoliate Your Skin: Using natural products or mild exfoliating creams to shed off old skin at least twice a week keeps your skin glowing and beautiful. I know personally that a mixture of honey and sugar left on the face for about 5 minutes leaves you feeling fresh when washed off. Exfoliating airs your pores and removes the dirt from your face and is a very important part of skincare.

Use Moisturizers: This is a key point for people with dry skin. Moisturizing lotions, creams that containing aloe vera, shea or cocoa butter are effective for gaining skin moisture and keeping your skin healthy. Also, patting the cream on the skin helps in fast absorption than rubbing.

Stress Less: : I know everyone would say this is almost impossible to achieve but it is not. Rest is as important a part of your growth and good health as much as anything else. This is where sleep plays a great part. An occasional visit to the spa is not an unwelcome idea. I also know for a fact that hot water baths help to relax the muscles. Stress increases oil production which results in pimples. Wanna get rid of those pimples? This is your way.

Exercise: If you do not have the time to exercise every day, an occasional evening stroll when the weather is calm would go a long way. If you don't have a dog to walk, take a little stroll with your earphones plugged in, listening to cool music. This also reduces your stress levels.

Determination: Bear in mind that everything listed above is never going to work if you're not determined and consistent. You have to do your part religiously and trust me, at the end of the day, you won't be sorry for it.