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Don't leave your rooms plain, create a story around it. Let people wonder where you got all the artifacts, wall paintings hung around your house from. Almost everyone can afford to rent a house or buy one, but what differentiates home now are the designs and the decorations in the different sections of the house. Extra caution and care should be given when you are designing or decorating your living rooms. Home decor is very important, leaving your homes empty were you just walk in and walk out, make your homes look boring, adds no flair, makes it look very unattractive and some people would visit and judge you for how dull your house looks.

In home decor every part of the house has to be considered, different decorating ideas should be put into consideration. When you want to put up a drawing for your sitting room, you wouldn't put a vulgar or scary portrait that would scare off guests, it's advisable to put up designs that compliment you, that say one or two things bout whose home it is. The decoration could be your company logo, company plaque, countries flag and so on, whatever represents you. Make sure your homes and offices are properly decorated with the right home decorations.

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