Hello, Do You Know Why a Woman Occurs with Genital Dirt and Bad Smells?

Hello, Do You Know Why a Woman Occurs with Genital Dirt and Bad  Smells? - Tanzania
  • Hello, Do You Know Why a Woman Occurs with Genital Dirt and Bad  Smells? - Tanzania
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Hello, do you know why a woman occurs with genital dirt and bad smells?
so i have prepared for you an important message that will be your help i have shown you how to get rid of that problem without putting too much chemistry now. first let us know the impurity of a woman is nn?

this is not a common condition for a woman to have fluid or vaginal discharge or genitals. This problem is pronounced ‘korea’ and is more common in women of childbearing age although even young and old girls also occur in small numbers. A woman having this problem is not related to the urinary system although there has been a tendency for women when they have this unusual condition to call it yutiai so they find themselves receiving inappropriate treatment.

the source of the problem

korea as it is is not a disease but a symptom of diseases hidden in a woman in her genitals where it is in the vagina and in the cervix and even in the body in general if she has chronic diseases of the body system tuberculosis, diabetes, cancer and immunodeficiency or hiv.

the germs that cause this disease are a variety of bacteria, protozoa and fungi. Other causes are parasites that hide in the vagina, abnormal vaginal discharge, cervical and hip problems, hormonal problems, vaginal cramps especially in old age, vaginal ulcers, vaginal discharge and heavy mucus vagina especially if you are taking certain hormonal medications, for example birth control pills. Other contributing factors are radiation therapy for example cervical cancer patients may be discharged from the vaginal fluid as well as the use of vaginal cosmetics.

all in all, sexually transmitted diseases caused by trichomonia and gonorrhea parasites also contribute to this condition. Most vaginal discharge problems are caused by the fungus candida or monilia, the major bacteria involved are gonococcal, spirochetal, staphylococcal, streptococcal, pneumococcal and tuberculosis, where not so much.

types of genital fluid problem in children

infants and young children who have not broken the sieve may develop this problem of vaginal discharge and shock the parent or guardian. This condition is not uncommon and does not occur internally. The source is in the middle of the vagina or valve, very rarely starting in the vagina internally.

the source of this problem in children is dirt, worms or strange objects in the vagina and if they have to rub their genitals hard during bathing or bathing. This excessive rubbing of babies in their genitals is called masturbation and causes babies to have this problem of discharge so be careful when we clean girls. Contamination can be caused by staying in a diaper with urine or urine for a long time without changing it and not cleaning it with water after defecation.

unusual objects are sand, if the child is not wearing underwear and safe clothes while playing so the sand penetrates into their genitals. A child with this condition will sometimes see his genitals swollen and red and all the time he just cries in pain especially when you touch him and you may think he has been interrupted or played but it is your negligence of the parent not being clean.

problem for girls

here we are talking about the discharge of fluid or dirt from virgins who are virgins, they also occur with this condition. The source is the same or similar to what we saw in children. Although after breaking the sieve they experience a state of non-infectious fluid from time to time or every day and feel wet.

this condition is due to their vaginal reproductive system where they are very active during this period of puberty. So if there is no irritation, bad smell or pain, we usually say it is a normal condition.
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