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Get those stunning looks and enhance your natural beauty with the best brands like Sleek, Mary Kay, Avon and BH cosmetics at best prices. Do you want to look fabulous? Remember to cleanse and moisturize your face with make-up removers and skin cleansers all at best prices here on Jumia.

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We have the lowest prices on fragrances from Calvin Klein, Givenchy, Britney Spears, Davidoff and David Beckham. Leave an irresistible aroma as you go about your business every day. Get discounts on products that nourish your skin and body with essential vitamins. On Jumia, you will find good deals on any Forever Living product, from skin care to nutritious edibles all at cheap prices. Whether you're looking to buy or sell, we have the best bargains for you, besides, staying healthy is the only way to go! Get fantastic deals on skin & hair care on Jumia. Every skin colour and tone is special, and everybody deserves specialized skin treatment. Because we know what it takes to flaunt an immaculate skin, we only befriend the best brands in skin care, including L'Oreal, Olay, Nivea, Pond's and VLCC. From body lotions for the casual customer to toners and more for the uncompromisingly beauty conscious, we feature everything you need to set up your own personalized salon. And irrespective of whether you prefer waist long hair or love to sport a bob-cut, our hair care products from the likes of Shahnaz Hussain, Dove and Braun ensure that wind, water and time leaves your hair unruffled.

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It is our desire to take care of you from head to toe, literally. From health monitors and fitness equipment to slimming essentials, you name it and we have it. Add a mouthwash to the kit, and you're well equipped to tread the path of health care.

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Tanzania's largest online marketplace brings you a range of health items and nutritious products to keep you healthy and well. You can now improve your well-being with a number of food-supplements and products like GNLD, Oraquick and Forever Living that are bound to not only change the way your body feels, but also the way you feel about your body. The products presented are packed with antioxidants that will cater for all your nutritional needs. Give your health a considerable upgrade when you buy products rich in vitamins and other ingredients that will leave you feeling more healthy and agile. You can now find the best offers on a number of different heath products from a number of different brands such as Perapat and Synergy. You can also find a wide selection of natural products ranging from weight loss enhancers to organically prepared drinks. You can now buy moisturizing oils for effective hair growth and a dandruff free scalp by Senga, as well as a range of quality make-up, irresistible perfumes and home care items from internationally renown brands such as FAB and Polo. Why look any further? Jumia offers all the food supplements and products for you to cater to all your nutritional requirements.

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Ladies are bound to be glued to this Tanzania's number one online shopping platform as we present you with a diverse selection of cosmetics and make-up to leave you looking and feeling truly chic. This extensive range of cosmetics include make-up for the eyes, face, skin, and lips. It is vital, however, that women take extra precaution in selecting the kind of make-up they want. Jumia avails a number of products to bring out the true color of your skin with our top of the range beauty products when you shop on Jumia. Black Skin care can come with a lot of regimen but at Jumia; we take the burden away by bringing you best deals. Good quality cosmetics can now be found at the click of a button. Examples of skincare cosmetics availed on Jumia include Caro White, MAC and Johnson. Jumia offers the most competitive prices online, as well as a range of offers and discounts that will leave you pressing to purchase. Buy the most effective skincare treatment for exposed skin care at cheap prices on Jumia. Find bio oil products at great prices and watch your scars and stretch marks disappear completely. Nonetheless, despite the wide selection of cosmetics, skin experts would tell us that mineral make-up makes the best effect for skin in the long run, and this is mostly because they exert more radiance to the skin and do not form sediments on the skin unlike other beauty products. This is considered on Jumia as we also provide you with a vast collection of natural, oil-free cosmetics with key mineral ingredients. The skin which is affected by the sun can be cured with the help of mineral makeup. Even the best makeup foundation is the mineral foundation. The best mineral foundation is not in liquid form. The foundation is in powder form, which is made of mineral and natural ingredients. Mineral foundation powder gives a certain glow to the face of its wearer and stops dehydration and oil secretion of the skin. With products available for the foundation of the eye and various products for the whole body. Once applied on the face, the face does not look artificial but gives a natural look. Tanzania's top shopping platform offers this product and a number of others that will leave your skin healthy, smooth, and beautiful. So visit Jumia today and you can easily have them delivered to you at the click of a button.