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Headphones also known as earphones are popularly used on phones, tabs, laptops, and other audio enabled devices. They are portable listening devices that are constructed to be worn on or over the head or on its user's ears. These sound devices are electroacoustic transductions, which transform an electrical wave to an equivalent sound in the user's ear. Headphones are made for a single user to listen to any audio device privately, unlike the loudspeakers, which produces sound for the crowd.

Headphones in Today's Society

These days, earphones have gone from just been an extra accessory to becoming a necessity. There are mobile phones and tons of music players around, and almost every one that makes use of any of this devices owns a headset for personal usage. Whether you are listening to music, watching a movie, or talking to someone on the phone, the earphones uses are countless; they have evolved from just using them for portable radios. Now they are used with our cellphones, tablets, iPod and all other music players. Headphones are compulsory accessories that go side by side with most of the gadgets. They are one of the first accessories people check out for when purchasing any new gadget especially for mobile phones.

Get Headphones that Suit Your Style

Technology has advanced over the years, and a lot has evolved with headphones; from its appearance to its functions. These days, people buy earphones with specific requirements that they need to be met. They want certain features from the product that they intend would cater to their style and lifestyle. That is basically what helps them in selecting what type or what brand of the product they think would suit them best. Fortunately, they are new designs made by top earphone manufactures that are carefully crafted to satisfy their customers' needs and demands. There are a lot of brands, styles, features, and specifications to choose from on this site. On Jumia you are guaranteed that you will absolutely find headphones that complement your style and preference.

Here is a list of ear phones and their functions, to help you decide which you prefer.

• Ear buds - These are the early headphones. They became really popular during the Sony Walkman days, they are very affordable and offer good sound quality. Examples are the present Apple ear buds.
In-ear Headphones - They are mostly used by smart phone companies, they are inserted inside your ears locking all the sound inside it, perfect for noise isolation. They have a firm thrust into your ears. They are also very light and equally affordable although they are not advisable to use for too long at a go, because of how deep they penetrate the ears.
• On-Ear Headphones - These earphones cover your ear canals. They fully cover the outer flap of the ears, they have a closed back and can be used for indoor or outdoor purposes, and they are easy fits and grasp your head. examples are the Beats Solo 2 and Bose Sound Link On-Ear Headphones
Over-the-Ear Headphones - They are large-sized in comparison to other headphones, they are heavier and can be used by professionals. They are supposed to be used indoors in studios and the likes. These headphones are very comfortable when worn and the design allows clear sound effects and reduces sound leakage.

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