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Tips to Get your Child Ready for a New School Year

With the holidays coming to a close and resumption just around the corner, many parents and have noinkling as to how to get their children ready for the new school year. From educating your child on the best ways to relate with classmates to catering to his back to school needs, you can get your child well prepared for the first day at school.

Is your child changing school or preparing to resume a new session? In this article, you will find amazing tips on how to easily get your child back to school for the new session. Make your child look forward to returning to his school or resuming at a new institution when you take cognizance of these tips.

Tip 1

Children tend to lose touch with school work while holidaying at home during summer idling away with friends. While some schools give their pupils holiday assignment, some don't and this cannot in the best interest of the students. What you can do as a parent in this case especially if almost half of the holiday is gone is to draw up work exercises for your child. This will go a long way in helping him get into the classroom mode so that when resumption comes, he can settle down to study and learn with ease.

Tip 2

To help your child quickly adjust to a new regime of sleeping and waking times, you can help by waking the child earlier than normal and also sending him or her off to bed before resumption. This should do a great early to bed-and-early-to-rise-job that will help the child start the new session without stress.

Tip 3

Most children love to get new items, not for school alone but for personal use. When they see their friends with new things, they also want to owe theirs. This cannot be taken away from children as it is their nature. Thus for parents, while you getting your child everything he WANTS may not be plausible, there are necessary back to school items that you are required to buy for the child. Some schools attach the school supplies list to children's report sheet and some others don't. However the important thing is to ensure that their school needs are well catered to. Whether your child attends a day or boarding school, you will find what the school requires for the start of the new session to buy online. Treated mosquito nets, set of socks, school shoes, backpacks, pencil cases and pouches, water bottle, sweaters, cutlery, textbooks, notebooks, wristwatch and much more can be found on Jumia.

When shopping, be sure to stick to the list provided by the school to enable you shop really smart and not outside budget. The best way to shop for your child's back to school needs however, is to do the shopping with him or her so that when you are through with shopping all the must haves such as school bags, sports shoes and classroom supplies, you can then decide if you want to shop other items that would be of interest to him. It is advisable that you buy original kids products as this helps to save you a lot of money in the long run. Wondering how? For instance, instead of buying a cheap belt that will wear and tear before the end of a session, an authentic leather belt that may cost more but last the child for up to two sessions is the best to buy especially if the child careful enough to keep his belongings safe.

Tip 4

You will admit that when school resumption is near, it is usually a time of mixed emotions for parents as several thoughts come to mind about the safety of the child. If your child's school is a walking distance from the house and has to stroll down to school every day, you can go over all the road safety tips with the child such as the proper way to cross the road, how not converse with strangers and more. Be sure to educate him or her on the best ways to stay safe on the way to school. On the other hand, if you have a child in the boarding school, apart from educating him on how to keep safe in the dormitory, it is very crucial to have the number of someone you could call in cases of emergencies or whenever you need to check on the welfare of the child.

Tip 5

Help the child build confidence especially when changing from his school to a new one. Educate him on how to quickly familiarize with his would be classmates and dorm mates. You can also share your school life experience with him and educate on how to overcome certain initial challenges that have to do with new school environment. This way, you will further douse the feeling of anxiety that he or she has or may have as a new student in high school.

Tip 6

Especially for a child that is attending boarding high school, there is the need to encourage him to learnhow to keep his personal effects safe so that you don't have to buy new school supplies every term. When a child is taught responsibility and accountability, such a child will be careful with his personal belongings and save you his parent, money and the stress of shopping new school and personal supplies. Also, it is very important that you teach him personal management and life skills which include time management and etiquette.

Tip 7

Just as some employees do not like Mondays for varying reasons, some students do not like the first week at school especially a new school. To play down the anxiety and tension associated with first day and indeed first week of resumption, you can make school so much fun for your children by creating something special to look forward to anytime your child(ren) is set to resume a new term or session. For instance, you can surprise him with gifts and goodies that are on his wish list. When he or she knows that a new gift awaits him each day of resumption week, he would normally look forward to each day.