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Food & Beverage Store on Jumia

Food and beverages are an essential part of human lives. They are products meant for human consumption which include fresh, prepared foods, packaged foods, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. All these are available on Jumia– your trusted online store. We offer the best of food and beverages from leading brands in the food and beverage industry. Check out our food store to discover a range of high value food products at affordable prices. You will be amazed at the discounted prices we have to offer

Shop for Groceries Online

Groceries such as corned beef, vegetables, carrots eggs, onions, oil and beverages are always expected to be in our homes, but leaving your busy schedule to go around shopping for groceries might an inconvenient option for you. On Jumia, you can get all your groceries online to make those fantastic meals and stock up your kitchen. That's not all; you no longer need to go from one grocery store to another. Jumia allows you to shop all you need in one place from the comfort of your home and get all your kitchen supplies.
Turn to your number one online grocery store where you can find all that you need at the best prices available. Jumia is the perfect alternative that cuts off physical stress as you get to shop for variety of grocery and get them at the best prices.
Shopping on our online market for groceries also saves you the stress of driving around town with good or lifting goods, on our site you order and we get it delivered to you at whatever location you desire. For house hold groceries like rice, milk, toiletries and so on, visit Jumia and be a part of the lucky shoppers who get quality goods at awesome prizes.

Get the Best Deal on Food & Beverages Available

Jumia has a large collection of nutritional foods, health foods and farm fresh supplies for easy cooking and hygienic cooking. Our online market offers you every item that is needed in your homes. Why not shop for your groceries here and enjoy our generosity at low prices. Local and foreign products are also sold here. With Jumia you can get the best price on food and beverages in Tanzania. Take advantage of the discounted products listed on our food and beverage store and save up today.

Sell Food and Beverages Online

With the growing presence of online stores in Tanzania, the days of shopping from physical stores are definitely over. Many consumers in Tanzania now turn to online shopping to buy food and beverages which has improved the growth of business online. Do you want your business to be part of this growth? Host your store on Jumia today and make additional sales from you food and beverage store. We have a secure ecommerce system. Also, Jumia creates an avenue for you to reach a wider audience all over Tanzania as well as reduce debt from customers.