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On Jumia you can browse a broad range of Flash Drives of various storage sizes and find the one that works best for you. Depending on your profession or the volume of file transfers that you do regularly, you can find up to a terabyte when searching our website for your choice flash drive. The best brands are well represented on here and they include Imation, Transcend, Cruzer Blade, Toshiba, HP and more. Maybe you are a graphic designer and you need to store heavy raw image graphics or you are a videographer who loves to take tasks home to do on weekends but does not love to carry the bulky external hard drive but prefers the lightweight nonvolatile flash disk that can store more than 32GB of data, you will certainly find your choice of flash drive right on our marketplace and this you will get at an affordable price.

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Either you intend to transfer or backup documents, flash disks of various storage capacities are available here. As small as they might be, they are fast and work very well as a storage device that is reliably durable. Flash disks are the improved versions of the 3.5 floppy disks that was popular in the yesteryears. Worry less about running out of memory when you have a room to accommodate various pictures, video, software and more. Shop online now for Flash Disks that can be easily slipped into your wallet or purse and work fast to facilitate the transfer of your small or heavy files. What's more? They are low priced and of the finest taste.

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With impressive designs, shapes and styles that they come in, you can find pen drives that are gold plated, silver plated and diamond encrusted on Jumia. Many have resort to making them serve dual purpose as pendant and as pen drives that they are. When you want quality at its peak for a low price pen drive, then you should be looking at our exhaustive list of high quality pen drives not looking else where. Shop now and pay cash on delivery.