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Ever wondered if a phone is a featured phone or a smartphone? If yes, don’t feel too upbeat about it because Featured phones have actually evolved from the ages of just using them for making calls and receiving text messages. Featured phones are low end phones that are manufactured and designed basically for making phone calls and text messages. Due to how expensive smartphones are, these particular class of mobile phones were manufactured to meet a certain class of living. They are people who have low budget but also want something close to the real deal. Long before the introduction of smartphones, featured phones were the most popular phone class used by majority. Since the evolution of technology, that age is in the past now. New generation featured phones have also advanced past what they were known for. With these new class of mobile phones, you can perform a lot more than basic mobile functions like calling and texting. Now you can surf the web, reply your friends on social media platforms and instant messaging apps, you can listen to music and videos and more. This new upgrade makes it hard for most people to differentiate them from smartphones. Also they are produced with camera but mostly with low megapixels and low image quality. The camera type is rear camera because no featured phone has a front camera. The screen resolution is the number of pixels available on the device screen. They have low screen resolution compared to smartphones. They now come with QWERTY keypad for chatting and replying text messages. This helps make up for the other lacking features in the phone. The internet speed is also not as fast as when you use a smartphone. They mostly work with 2G or Edge network. The memory space on these particular class of mobile phones are limited. Some don’t use media cards while the ones that make use of it can’t support large media card storage sizes. You can store images, music, videos and more on your phone. Also, there are basically two types of mobile operating system on featured phones which are Java and Symbian OS.

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Just because you have a low budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy few benefits of using a smartphones. Getting a featured phone is a great option if you don’t have that high end budget but at the same time, want to enjoy using their phones for more than just making phone calls and sending text messages. They are very easy and affordable to use. You can also download apps on them in order to stay in touch with friends and family although it can only support specified apps. Browse through our extensive collection of top mobile phones available at the lowest prices in Tanzania. We have in stock top brands such as Itel, Nokia, Tecno, Samsung, and more. Order now and pay cash at your doorstep!