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Looking for a large storage device that you can rely on to safely back up your documents without the fear of losing data? Your search ends here on Jumia as you are presented with the best selection of storage devices right on here. Whether you are a moderate computer user or a heavy or light user, whichever category you fall into, you will find the space size that perfectly suits your purpose right on here and since you know you are getting nothing but the best External Hard Drive among our widest assortment here, you will find satisfaction and delight buying any of our impressive computer accessories right on here. From the biggest brands that are globally recognized, you will get sleek slender build external hard drive to call your own and this means that you will have to leave your documents homeless.

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Ever experienced a corrupt windows situation which many refer to as windows crashing? When you operating system is corrupted, you may lose all your files in the process and what this means is that you have to start looking for where to retrieve those files and sad enough you may not be able to retrieve all since you did not have a backup plan for the content. On Jumia you are presented with a collection of storage banks and you can be certain that your ideal external HD can be found here among our impressive assortment of feature rich hard drives with security lock and well-crafted slender build. Never again do you have to leave your computer at the risk of anti-virus attack or loss of the computer system without a backup plan.

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Shop now from the comfort of your home for that external hard drive that will help to keep your files safe in the event of a malicious attack or even when perhaps if you lose your computer system to thieves, you can always retrieve your old files from an external hard drive. Whether you are looking to get a new or used one, you can buy now using our mobile app on the go or sit comfortably to access our 24/7 marketplace from your kitchen or anywhere at all in your home. Find Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung and more