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DElongh Low oilfryer multycooker FH1130

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The innovative low-oil fryer from De’Longhi allows you to prepare delicious fresh potatoes and much more with a small amount of oil, for healthier and natural cooking. Now you can enjoy chips without the feeling guilty by adding just a spoonful of oil which contains 100 times less oil than a traditional deep fat fryer.
With the De’Longhi MultiFry, not only can you enjoy the taste of fresh fluffy chips, you can also try out other recipes such as risotto, curry and ratatouille. Cook a range of food from fresh or frozen and explore the recipes in the MultiFry De’Longhi recipe app.
Surround Heating System (SHS)
The SHS (Surround Heating System) is the technology used by De’Longhi to deliver optimal cooking results so food is crispy on the outside and tasty and juicy inside. It uses both the upper and a lower heating element to cook your food rapidly and only takes around 27 minutes to cook 1 kg of frozen potatoes
The MultiFry is designed to do all the hard work for you; all you need to do is place the food in the bowl, add the oil according to the recipe, close the lid, set the timer and away you go. The double SHS helps save time as it surrounds the food with heat to cook it evenly. The upper heating element and fan deliver uniform heat from the top and the lower heating element delivers heat from the bottom.
The De’Longhi Multifry features a removable timer which can be set to a maximum of 99 minutes. Once you have placed your food in the non-stick bowl, simply turn the Multifry on and set the temperature to the right temperature stated in the instruction manual. Once your food has cooked the Multifry will sound an alert letting you know that your food is ready, without you having to watch over it.
Removable Paddle
The MultiFry comes with a removable paddle allowing you to explore more recipe ideas such as cakes, fresh and frozen pizzas, pies and much more. When you’re in a hurry the MultiFry is quick and easy to use, providing you with an all-inclusive solution. The removable paddle is used for static cooking which essential for delicate foods such as fish, and is automatic so you can do something else while MultiFry cooks and gently mixes for you.
Dishwasher safe
To save even more time, the lid, paddle and bowl of the Multifry are all dish washer safe for hassle-free cleaning.
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