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Are you tired of working late nights at the office? Don't you just wish you could carry your work home with you? Well if you answered yes to all or any of these, then a laptop is clearly the solution to your problems. Laptops wanted by today's modern people go beyond being just any other personal computers that are small and light enough to be operated on a user's lap. Its not enough that it can run on a long and rechargeable battery life. Nowadays, people look for much more. Regardless of what you may seek in a laptop, Tanzania's number one online mall is bound to have what you are looking for. Jumia holds the widest range of laptops from a number of different brands including Apple, HP, Dell and Sony. You can now find the right laptop to suite your specific requirements. Experience the strength and durability of HP with an ultrabooks or even the HP Pavilion Notebook. This laptop provides all of the benefits of a desktop in a sleek, portable package, including astounding sound from Beats Audio and a crisp, clear high definition display that will ensure you a superior computing experience. Buy durable, portable and cheap Acer Laptops, Toshiba and more that will last you a long time. Alternatively, you could venture into the amazing world of Apple with a MacBook Air; another impressively slim masterpiece of modern technology that allows you to easily experience high end Apple computing while you are on the move. The Apple MacBook Pro takes it a notch higher with a 500GB hard drive and 4GB of RAM to provide you with the storage and speed you need for an expansive computing experience, no matter the task. This amazing product allows you to enjoy beautiful graphics under the intuitive control of a 3rd generation Intel Processor. Aside from these, this shopping platform also brings you unbelievable offers on a range of other laptop brands including the 15-inch Acer notebooks as well as the cute mini Asus laptops. Jumia also offers a range of other electronic equipment including scanners, printers and storage devices.

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Perhaps you are not satisfied with the resolution of your current monitor. Perhaps you long for a larger, more crystal clear picture. Well whatever the issue may be, this online platform definitely has the solution. Experience the best in computerized detail with the latest full collection of viewing portals available online. Tanzania's number one online mall offers a vast collection of computer monitors from an even larger selection of re-known brands including Dell, Samsung and Apple. Stand impressed with the cutting-edge technology found in an affordable LG monitor. With the sharp contrasts and resolutions allowed by the best in monitor items, every computer user deserves to experience the perfect view whether they are working or relaxing. So regardless of if you want to make your on-screen graphics come to life with a great Apple monitor, or if you seek the 18.5-inch HP computer monitor, or even if you long for the cool and trendy HP Pavilion 27-inch VGA monitor, thanks to Jumia, you can now buy and sell the latest models of technologically superior monitors from internationally re-known brands such as HP, Apple and LG. You are also free to buy a discounted LED screen that comes with crystal-clear display The established website has a wealth of different monitors available from some of the world's best known computer brands and hardware developers, but it also holds a vast range of computer electronics and accessories such as scanners and other devices from world famous companies including Panasonic, Sony, Samsung and Hewlett Packard. These allow users to bring out the depiction of their monitors through enabling them to create a defined and top quality products, with attention to detail perfect for all tasks of image reproduction. A premium collection of color cartridges can also help to keep a home or office collection in optimum quality and all these and more are available for order right now from the easy-to-use online shopping platform, Jumia.