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Buy affordable computer accessories online on Jumia. Replace laptop battery chargers with new ones on Jumia. Buy laptops batteries, screen panels and motherboards for PCs. If you type a lot, then purchasing a comfortable keyboard for use is a good idea. Numerous brands claim to come with an ergonomic design and work nicely. If you spend a lot of time on your computer and are facing issues with your wrist, then you should try out the Keyboards on Jumia. We have wireless keyboards that promote the ease of mobility. This is a good remedy if you want to get rid of the maze associated with wires and cables around your table. Wireless Keyboards promote the liberty of moving wherever you would like. The greatest benefit of using them is the versatility and mobility factor. You may use a wireless keyboard while prone in bed, on your lap while you sit back on your couch or even anywhere else you want it. The other major advantage will be a lot less clutter around your PC. You can sit anywhere you like and would not be disturbed by cables. You can take it away from your desk or store it separately when not in use. Useful for a variety of applications, it is an absolute pleasure for gaming enthusiasts or even those who want to sit back as well as chat. The computer mouse has received a long and steady relationship with computers. You can get computer mouse in various shapes, sizes, and technologies right here on Jumia. You can have a mouse with cable or opt for the wireless mouse that uses no cable whatsoever. Jumia gives you the largest collection of all kinds of mouse from leading brand names. Just browse through the different types of mouse - wireless computer mouse, USB mouse, PS/2 computer mouse from Acer, Apple, Dell, Lenovo, Logitech and much more - and take your choose offer. You can buy computer mice in interesting colors as well as shape. Shop on Jumia and get a wide variety of Laptop Chargers, Batteries, USB Cables and much more. Do you need your Laptop to last longer? Then get a battery with more capacity right here on Jumia. Get Laptop coolers to reduce the heat of your laptop when using it and laptop bags to carry the laptops around.

Buy Computer Accessories: Modems, Routers and More.

If you are looking for an effective Router or Modem for personal use or for the computers in your office, Jumia is the best place to buy from. In the present age, everyone is deeply obsessed with the internet. It has become a necessity for every home as well as offices to be equipped with the most recent modems and routers with so as to have a seamless surfing encounter with the internet. You just need a good performance device and router and you can uninterruptedly enjoy the internet. Get this on Jumia and more at affordable prices. Buy used PC keyboards, mouse and more. Buy HSDPA modems. Get affordable webcams on Jumia. Jumia offers Computer Accessories and Peripherals at the best accessible prices online. Buy computer peripherals such as Routers, Modem, Laptop Batteries and more at prices that are impossible to beat. Get all your gadgets on Jumia today and enjoy best prices anywhere.