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Blackberry is a globally recognized brand with very high reputation in the manufacturing of mobile phones especially with the instant messaging feature which allows for seamless communication with friends, colleagues and relatives. The Blackberry Messenger (BBM) is so popular especially among the youth even though when the Blackberry brand started making phones it was touted to produce for only professionals until it became the toast of many chat loving young adults worldwide. Nowadays, Blackberry phones are used by both young and old, and for play and work. Whether you are a professional seeking to check your emails on the go or you are a lover of music, games and other entertainment apps to get you all day excited, then opting for a model of Blackberry mobile phone works. From the old versions as the Curve series, Torch Series to the newer versions like Q series and the Z series of Blackberry handheld devices, you can get reasonable prices for all the models you can find on here. Whatever you plan to achieve with the use of your model of Blackberry, be it video, music, games or emailing, you can always find your device highly useful and functional.

Get reasonable deal on Blackberry Passport

The Blackberry Passport is a flagship model of the newest and latest collection of Blackberry phones that we have on offer on our marketplace platform. With amazing features that stands it out such as a beautifully arranged touch sensitive keypad and easy to navigate applications across screens which makes multitasking come easy, long talk hours and music play as a result of the power packed battery life that can run hours on end, you can find a truly definition of smart phone in the Blackberry passport. What's more, capture those great moments, store large volume of files and documents without hitches when you maximize the large storage space on your device. You will never have to slow down while on your smart phone since the Blackberry 10.3 OS it runs on and the latest processor type quad-core processor 2.26 GHz it is runs with are powered packed coupled with the desirable 3GB RAM which it houses.

Highly functional Blackberry Mobile Devices

There are a variety of models other than the celebrated Blackberry Passport like Blackberry Leap, Classic and Porsche that are equally durable and functional. Buying a mobile device of the Blackberry brand is not just for the sake of using a mobile phone, the amazing features of the phone which culminates into the ultimate functionality that it sports, makes them a must have for the discerning buyer. Shop now and pay cash on delivery. Blackberry phones are very popular phones because they were the ones that brought our very lovable Blackberry messenger (BBM) that we now have across all operating system platforms. Blackberry recently upgraded their operating system to the OS 10 operating system. This is a revolutionary operating system. That is very stylish and user friendly. Blackberry has awesome smartphones like the Z10, Q10, Q5, Porsche, Passport and many other Blackberry models which can all be found on Jumia from our numerous sellers at the most affordable prices. Shop for your latest blackberry phones now on Jumia and have it delivered to you anywhere, Dar es Salaam or Arusha, and pay cash on delivery.