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7 Tips to Keep Your Shoes Odour Free

Are you often nervous when your feet itches and are tempted to pull off your shoe to scratch but are but are unable just because you are not certain that it would let out a smell that would wreck havoc in the atmosphere? Ever wondered why the pair reeks of stench odour? There are a myriad of reasons your boots, sneakers and even sandals smell and cause you some avoidable embarrassment in public which include moisture from your sweat glands and the onset of germs following the humid environment the moisture creates which is very habitable for them.

It will interest you to know that your feet contains thousands of sweat glands and it is expected for you to sweat it out but not without taking into account that proper care is needed to manage the shoes and ensure that they do not ooze out foul odour and become a breeding haven for bacteria and fungus to grow in.

Over here are tips that would help you take proper care of your shoes and prevent them from stinking:

1.   Give them a break

For a lover of shoes, this may not apply as he or she does not have to wear a particular pair for a whole week or months like some other people do. However, as for those that have few pairs in the on the rack, and those that have a favourite pair they love to wear, we urge you to give those shoes a break. When you let the interior of your shoe breath, they will become dry enough to chase bacteria away. You should at least allow your shoes some 48 hours rest and ensure you spread them under the sun.

2.   Wear socks always

Not that you won't sweat at all by wearing your socks but it will be worse if you don't. Imagine you just bought your white NIKE sneakers at an expensive rate and you intend to use it for a long time. This may just be a wishful thinking if you just step into them without socks! When you don't wear socks, especially ones that absorb sweat, your shoes will stink, harbour bacteria and also cause your feet to stink also and then still damage the shoes, shortening its lifespan. If you are not a fan of wearing socks, please cultivate the habit from today so that you can maintain a healthier feet and odourless shoes.

3.   Keep your feet dry

This is common to most people. We tend to towel dry our body without paying close attention to our feet and toes. Well, it is important that we clean the feet until dry especially in between our toes where some moisture may still be lodged. Stay dry before wearing your socks so keep bacteria away.

4.   Subdue the odour

While this is not a permanent solution, it will help to mask the odour of that pair of shoes you must wear to the special occasion you have plans for the next day. Maybe the dress code requires that you wear a black shoe and you have only one pair, this simple DIY solution will help you temporarily.

What solution? Get some orange peel or nice smelling herbs and place in the shoe overnight and you will be amazed that by morning, it will let out a pleasant odour. This is not an alternative to cleaning your shoes or keeping your feet but it's only a temporary measure for you to ensure your pair smells good.

5.   Wash the Shoes

Now this is the part that most of us do not like as we just want to step in and step out and then step in again whenever we need to go out. But you have got to wash your shoes anyway whether they are easy to wash or not. Luckily for you there are shoes that should not be washed as there are other ways to clean the shoes than brushing them. If you have a clean piece of cloth, you can wipe them with cool fragrance soaps and warm water and then again wipe them dry and spread under the sun to dry. For the ones that are washable, if they are lace shoes, you can wash the laces separately and then place the shoes in a pillow before placing in the washing machine. However if it hand wash, you can use a mild soap and gently brush the shoes until clean.

6.   Store in a clean and well ventilated place

If possible don't keep your shoes in the room but if you must, you should ensure they are by the window side if not, they will grow moulds and mildew and smell. Be sure to religiously store your shoes in an airy environment and make it a point of duty to always sundry them especially ones that you have not worn for a very long time. For these ones, after sun drying them, clean them up with a dry clean cloth and apply our orange peel tip to make them smell fresh.

7.   Never wear them Wet

You were on your way home and you got caught up in the rain to the extent that you pair of shoes got soaking wet and the next day you wear your socks and step into the same wet shoes without drying them, if you do this, you are wrong. Apart from smelling and not providing you maximum comfort, your shoes will easily get damaged that way. How? Rain water is acidic and can damage your shoes if proper care is not taken. The also, they add additional weight when wet and thereby increasing their chances of losing adhesive that hold the structure together. Even though you shoes are original and they have never smelt badly, you can start letting out very foul odour as soon as they become exposed to moisture and bacteria. In closing, it is very important for of your pride and the impressions that you will pass across to people that you must always ensure that your feet and shoes are clean are dried at all times avoid feet fungus and smelling shoes, take precautions today by following the tips.