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Five Timeless Dresses Every Woman Should Own

When we say something is timeless, a synonym would be 'changeless' or 'ageless'. Basically, we are saying that these things have been there since time immemorial. Our grand and great-grand parents have used them and even till now, they are still here and trending. This would be because of their flawlessness, simplicity and style that has transcended over the years and have easily adapted into modern lifestyles.

Today, we would be looking at some timeless women fashion dresses. Dresses that have been worn from the generation of the 'black and white' television and even before Nigeria became an independent country. Yes, some of these styles are that old but the beauty of it is that if you do not as a lady, have at least two of these clothes on your list, you may be tagged as not trendy enough. These styles are so unique that they have been continuously modified over time and have even transcended into our own traditional styles. Now, if you can't find your perfect size to buy, you can always sew your own.

Little black dress

I have my own personal mantra which says, "When in doubt, wear an LBD" This is because you can never go wrong wearing an LBD. This dress is literally the definition of timeless. It is uncommon that you find a woman whose closet does not have an LBD. This dress is flawlessly versatile, hence my mantra. You can wear an LBD to work, for a date, and even as casual wear. Just accessorize it any way you want.

Fit and flare dress

This particular style is known for having narrow shoulders and then flaring from around the waist out to the hem of the skirt. Hence the name Fit and Flare. It is a very great style that has been around for very long and is not intending to go anywhere. Depending on the occasion, you can dress it up with pumps and a great statement neckpiece, or just dress it down with flats and a denim jacket. This style never goes out of fashion. It is a great deal for any age group and still leaves you looking smart, sophisticated and sharp.

The wrap dress

Most certainly, there is no one who didn't rock a dress with one of these styles in the past. And the style is so timeless, we still go about wearing it till date. A wrap dress is a dress with a style that is formed by wrapping one side of the cloth across the other side, and knotting the attached ties or fastening the attached buttons at the back, thereby giving it a v-shaped neckline. It is a style of clothing that hugs the body and is one of the ideal clothes to wear when you want to flaunt your curves.

Sheath dress

A sheath dress is a figure flattering dress designed to show off the form of the body. Like the word sheath means, it fits close to the body and accentuates the curves of the body. Most sheath dresses do not need much accessories and can be worn to work. A sheath dress can also be a perfect outfit for a business meeting as it gives a corporate yet stylish look.