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10 Tips on Proper Facial Hair Grooming

Oftentimes when you see a man with full beards; you assume such a person belongs to a movement or is simply fashionista. And quite often, we judge and are judged by the style of facial hair we wear. Though not ideal yet, we all do it - we judge. Thus if facial appearance gives an impression of a person's image, then it is important that you give your facial hair some attention and care.

Scruffy looking beard or moustache is a major turn off, but as much as there are no straight jacketed rules to follow, there are standards of facial grooming. Yes you can have your beard or mustached styled whichever way you want but you just have to play by the book.

Here, we are huge fans of round-the-clock beard and moustache maintenance and we encourage all men to keep hair properly groomed so that when you dress up for an occasion, the beauty of your outfit can be seamlessly projected. You don't want to get all dressed for a special occasion looking fly in your best outfit and then letting yourself down with a rough looking beard that makes you come off as a prisoner of war. You can actually look like a million Shillings when you take good care of your facial hair for you to look really good just the way you want. You need to determine what defines your grooming routine and work hard enough to either maintain your full beard if you are given to hair keeping or you keep it short and cleanly shaven, if this works for you instead.

Let's briefly run through 10 out of the many tips for facial grooming here:

1.   Clean Shaving Is it!

Contrary to popular beliefs that the beard should be left to grow so as to bring out its beauty, some men think otherwise as they hold the belief that the neater the face is the better the outlook. In this case, what is good for the goose may not be great for the gander as some people keep their facial hair and style it so as to come off as fashionable while to some it's shabby to keep long beard. However, when your beard is properly shaved, there will be no need to battle bumps and ingrown hair and you can have a truly smooth face.

2.   Unclog the Clogs

Most times, your hair pores get clogged with dirt which may force your skin to react and become inflamed resulting into bumps which could result into an infection when scratched. They are itchy and can make you feel uncomfortable as they are not really a good sight to behold. You should learn to rid your pores of clogs by regularly washing your face with mild soap and warm water or taking a hot bath in place of your cold water showers. If you successfully make it a routine to wash your face with warm water and mop it dry on a regular basis, then you can be sure that bacteria and dirt will stay clear off your face and achieving a smooth and clear face will be a walk over for you.

3.   Stay with what you are used to

Oftentimes we tend to make do with whatever shaving tools we find in sight and assume since the goal is to get the hairs all off anyway, it is should not be a problem to switch shavers. On the contrary, this might be an issue, as we all don't have the same skin texture. For instance, someone whose skin tolerates hair clipper blade but uses razor stick on his next shave or thought that shaving powder was the easiest to use to shave his hair, the fellow might be shocked to realize that bumps may develop on his face as a result of the use of more than one shaving tool. It is therefore advisable to just stick to what your skin is comfortable with and has been used to.

4.   Blunt Blade Will Work against You

Have you ever noticed that whenever you get to some salon to barb, each time the barber places the clipper on your chin, it hurts? This happens when the clipper or shaving tool is not sharp enough. You don't have to experience pain when you get a haircut. As a matter of fact, you will get clean shave without getting cuts and bruises on your chin. You are advised to go for the sharpest tools that are straight and precise.

5.   Get a Hair Brush!

It is best to use a shaving brush especially if you apply shaving cream to remove your facial hair. With the brush, your hair gets lifted and this makes shaving very easy for you. The bristles of the brush when wet with water should have the cream applied to it and smoothened to the face. This will go a long way in helping you shave aright without the fear of rashes and bumps.

6.   Fade out your grains as you like

Some people do not like to shave clean but prefer to go short. If you are in this category and a hair clipper user, you can get clipper attachments of different lengths which you can use to maintain a hair level of your choice. To get that amazing look, use the attachment trimmer to fade your grain of hair according to your desired level instead of taking chances with what you have.

7.   Oil it All Up!

For those fashionable men that love to keep long beards, it is advisable to use beard oil to keep the hair nourished, shiny and grow faster. When beard oil is applied to the hair at the right time, which is ideally after a warm wash, it helps to moisturize the hair by softening it rather than leaving it scruffy and tangled.

8.   Brush, brush, brush

For a good kempt hair, you need to make your facial hair brush-friendly after each wash. Use a soft bristle hairbrush to do justice to the hair or use a comb to run through the beard if it's a short beard. With a good brush, you detangle knots and keep your facial hair neat and looking good. Brush your eyebrow, moustache and goatee and appear impressively cute.

9.   Use Homemade Shampoo or Lemon

For an itchy dandruff infested facial hair, you can use homemade anti-dandruff shampoo sparingly but not all the time to avoid skin flaking. Also with lemon, you can cure the beard dandruff by simply applying its juice. Of course you cannot get overnight results as the process is a gradual one albeit effective.

Finally, you should consider cultivating a healthy hygiene while maintaining a good eating habit. When you eat right, with a balanced diet inclusive of all the necessary nutrients, this translates into a healthy skin and then a healthy hair. Also be sure to regularly take food supplements and vitamins that will cause your skin to glow and radiate healthiness. When you have your hygiene properly taken care of, you should also reduce dehydration by reducing your alcohol intake if you are given to alcohol drinking. With all these in place, you should be able give yourself a face lift as you take charge of your facial grooming routine and reap its many benefits.