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10 Popular Gadgets of 2015

What makes these gadgets popular, you ask? Out of hundreds of gadgets that came out this year, why these ones? Well, these were the ones that got the most attention and buzz online, the popularity of them in Tanzania and definitely purchases too. These gadgets are of all kinds and traits, some can be purchased out of preference or choice, some out of necessity and other just because you feel like it. In no particular order we give you the 10 most popular gadgets so far of 2015 that got a lot of buzz in Tanzania.

1.   Hoverboards and Scooters: Sometimes they are called hoverboards, other times they are called scooters.These motorized boards don't actually hover, they are a two-wheeled board that has created a lot of buzz on social media. A lot of videos created based on this gear and I'm sure you can guess, a lot of fails too of people using the board. We think it sounds easier to use than it seems, you lean forward to go forward and gain speed, lean back to reverse or slowdown, put more pressure with your right foot to turn right and more pressure with your left foot to turn left. It might take a while to get used to using it but like mastering anything other thing, you would get the hang of it eventually. These hoverboards have a max speed of about 6.2 miles per hour and it's a really cool gadget to own but the price is still on a high side, costing up to a high end luxury smartphone which we hope would drop soon enough.

2.   Selfie Sticks: We are certain that this is not new to anyone as everyone knows what a selfie stick is. If you don't, then you are not of this planet. But anyways we would still tell you exactly what it is. A selfie stick is a monopod that is used to take picture of one's self, which is referred to as a selfie and is taken with a smartphone, by positioning it in a longer ranger than the arm. These metal sticks are extendable, with an adjustable clamp to hold the phone in place, at one end and a handle at the other. Some of them come with a Bluetooth control button while some have a remote, giving the user full control on when to take the picture. Selfies sticks are very cool when you with family and friends hanging out or at a party, when you want to make sure everyone is in the picture. This gadget has created a lot of buzz and you see a lot of people using it, both the young and the young at heart and the best part about it all, is that they are very affordable.

3.   Bluetooth speakers: What are we without music, some would say nothing, smiley nothing and other might say that we are merely existing. Music they say brings colour into life and a lot of people would agree with this. So that is why when anything that has even the slightest connection to music is invented, it is always welcomed and so are Bluetooth speakers. We know they have been in circulation for a few years now but we tend to get new and improved designs every now and then, like I even have one that is permanently in my shower and helps out with my in-shower music career. Anyways, if you don't own a portable Bluetooth speaker, be it a pill or otherwise, then you should jump on the bandwagon and get one today. Here's a thought, play your music really loud in the middle of the night, when everywhere is dark and quiet, but make sure it is a slow song and you'll definitely fall in love with that little bundle of joy.

4.   Flash Drives / USB Sticks: We are sure you would be wondering why this made the list but truthfully, a lot of people might not see it this way but this little device goes a long way in helping us on a daily basis to transfer files easily, especially at work. You can transfer anything at all from movies, music to documents, depending on the size and the best part is their portability. Can be carried absolutely anywhere. Do you have a file you need to work on at home, then you can carry it easily from the office with a flash drive.

5.   Smart Watches: Smart Watches are the new cool. This is a computerized wristwatch that doesn't just tell time but can do a lot more. They have been in circulation for quite a while and the very first ones made were able to calculate, do translations and even play games on them. But the modern smartwatches that are being manufactured nowadays are basically wearable computers, and a lot of phone brands have jumped in on making theirs just for their smartphones, likes of Sony, Samsung and even Apple. They offer a wide range of applications and functions that might just get you interested in purchasing one, including portable music players and have the capability of answering phone calls too. They are constantly advancing and improving on this tech especially with the health apps and we have not seen the best yet out of smartwatches.

6.   Drones: When we hear drones, a lot of things come to mind. Like the controversy on how America uses it to watch the rest of the world. But no, we are not talking about flying killing machines we just mean toys that could you could pass time playing with for adults and kids too. Unmanned aerial vehicle that is commonly known drone is an aircraft without a human pilot abode. Usually this cool gadget is controlled by a remote control of the pilot on the ground and sometimes on auto mode by on-board computers. This is also a high end gadget that is a bit pricey but we say if you can afford it then go for it and be the new cool kid on the block. We love our gadgets and we can always find new fun ways to pass time with them.

7.   Consoles - PlayStation 4 & Xbox One: If you don't a game then you do not know what you are missing. You have to either be a PlayStation person or an Xbox person but you absolutely have to own a gaming console for yourself. Both Sony PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox have come a long way since inception and with the release of PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1 we have seen a lot of buzz around these two consoles so we had to add them to the list. We love gaming and with them number of games you could choose from, you can never get tired of gaming especially with popular ones like FIFA and the recently released FIFA 16, Call of Duty and the likes. Definitely a cool gadget to own.

8.   Headphones and Earpiece: This is an absolute necessity to have. Either you have the headphones or the earpiece. Truthfully you would never know how awesome some songs are until you get to listen to them through headphones. That is why this would always make the list of popular gadgets. Everyone owns one, so why don't you. There is really not much to say about this, because it just gives you your much needed space and puts you in a world of your own. Get one today.

9.   Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: This is one of the most purchased phones online of 2015 and it just keeps getting better with the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. The buzz would just keep going on. This phone has a lot of specifications that we cannot start listing here but you can always get to find out. This is an android phone that is manufactured and marketed by Samsung Electronics and it serves as successor to the Galaxy S5. Both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were unveiled this year. The unique thing about this smartphone is the curvature feature on its sides that is usable for several additional features. If you use one you would know how awesome it is and functional too. This phone has been built for quality surpassing previous models.

10.   IPhone 6: The iPhone 6 is one of the most search for smartphone this year on search engines, even though it was unveiled and launched in 2014. The smartphone was designed, manufactured and marketed my Apple Inc. the phone is simply sleek and really amazing, with new added features from its predecessors, the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. With larger screen, faster processor, upgraded cameras and more. The phone had over 4 million pre order within the first 24 hours of its launch. It is truly an amazing gadget to use and own.