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Hello ladies!
With the New Year in tow, it is no surprise that we are already talking about new fashion tips for the year. Some of these discussions have even started since last year. However, it is still early enough in the year for us to know what is trending. On the issue of nails for example, it has become a tradition amongst us ladies to always keep our nails neat and well taken care of. Nowadays, we treat our nails like they are part of our outfit for the day. This isn't a vain attitude though. I mean, what guy would see your nails chipped and not raise an eyebrow?

As we all know, nail polish has become a necessity for females. Over the years, most manicurists have embraced nail art. This is the method of using nail polish to design the nails in the most enthralling and beautiful patterns. Things that need to be noted in this area are what colors suit your hands and skin tone. Do you know the trending colors you should be wearing? This is a New Year folks. It is time to ditch that one comfortable color of nail polish on your dressing table and be a bit more daring with other colours. Now, let me tell you the colors you absolutely have to know about.

Apple Red

This is a timeless nail polish colour. It is versatile so it suits every skin tone. Red is definitely number 1 on this list.


This is a dainty shade of purple that would again, fit on every skin colour. It is not as loud as the 'apple red' and it is just the perfect choice for people who want that bold, yet subtle nail colour.


OMG! I really love this color. It made a comeback a couple of months back and since then, it has been the rave of the town. This is a must have color in your collection because it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

Hot Mandarin

Ok, so this is a slightly different and controversial color. Yes, it's beautiful. But it would look more beautiful on a light skinned or caramel-skinned person. For a very dark person, it might be too contrasting against the skin.


You know how sometimes you feel calm and peaceful? Your whole core is settled and relaxed. That is the only way to describe this color. It is calm and perfect for when you don't want to be so obvious. This fact does not reduce its beauty though. And hey, guess what? It's suitable for all skin colours.

Vampire Red

Yes, this is another one I love. I know I now seem biased against lighter colors but this color just speaks to me? Who wouldn't want to live out a little vampire fantasy, right? It is also another versatile color.

Teal Blue

This is a color you would not necessary see on every one. It's a downright sexy color though. The effect would be seen most on light-skinned and caramel skinned people.


Of course peach is on my list. I would apply this all day every day. It's so simple yet classy and graceful.

Metallic Navy

Blue is a personal favorite of mine but this blue, this blue is gorgeous. Wearing this to an event or even at any time will surely turn heads.


Suitable for everyone, this color has been in trend for a while. But that does not mean our love for it has waned in any way. Everyone, absolutely everyone, should rock this color once in a while.

That's it folks. My top ten nail polish colors you just have to use this year. And of course, don't forget the nail hardener. You could also combine colors in a beautiful way and if you're the fun loving, racy, daring type, you could use glitters also! Till next time, people.